20 best and new Indian hairstyles for men


There are various Indian hairstyles for men that we see and witness in today’s fashion market. Hairstyles are constantly changing and men try to keep up with the latest trends. Styling the hair has become easy and there are various hairstyles on the market that can make you look your best depending on your choice and occasion. Some hairstyles are suitable for everyone, and some may be appropriate and only suit particular face shapes. Hairstyles depend on the thickness, length and quality of the hair.

Finally, the most important part is where you choose the right haircut to complement all of the above. Learn more about different hairstyles for men, Indians in this article. Read on to find what suits you best!

20 Best And Latest Indian Hairstyles For Men With Images:

New Indian hairstyles are here, so let’s take a look at our latest and greatest hairstyles for men in India.

1. Hairy cut:

Hairy cut

Although it may seem a bit messy, tousled hair is on trend. A certain freshness accompanies this hairstyle that deliberately keeps the hair out of place. This type of hairstyle defies not only tradition but also the wind. A shaggy crop defies the principles of congruence, thinking outside the box of carefully brushed hair. It gives a smooth look that is slick, modern and contemporary. Do you need a case? Hollywood’s Kal Penn showcases the right approach to wearing this hairstyle. With his furry, slightly wrinkled studs, Kal builds a modern, expert image that’s not very stuffy, but not very adolescent either. Any guy who needs to buck tradition and push the envelope should go for the shaggy cut.

  • This Indian Hairstyle Is Great For Little Boys And Under 27 Years Old.
  • This Style Would Look Great In Case You Have An Oval Face And Straight Hair.
  • The Winter Season Is The Best Season To Try This Hairstyle.
  • Pair It With A Jacket And Shirt Along With Jeans To Give It A Classy Look.
  • You Can Add It To Go To Outings Or Parties And Nights Out With Your Friends.

2. Combed back:

This hairstyle remains one of the most classic and popular male haircuts that has come back in fashion to become a cool style for modern men. This gel-enhanced, brushed-back hairstyle is a great, long-lasting style. It is suitable for both teenage men and mature men with a wide forehead. And it gives a neat look overall. All you need to do is apply some pomade to just give it a slick look.

  • This Elegant Style Is Well Known To Men Under 40.
  • In Case You Have A Round Or Oval Face, You Can Look Elegant Here With Any Type Of Hair.
  • Combine It With The Clothes Of Your Choice.
  • Also, You Can Attend Any Party, Gathering Or Family Event With This Hairstyle.
  • The Summer Season Is The Best For This Hairstyle.

3. Medium fluff:

Medium fluff

It is just the hairstyle for Indian boys who want to sport a fresh look and it suits for medium length hair. This hairstyle not only gives you an attractive and elegant look but also adds to the youthful charm of the face. Here is the best hairstyle that suits men in India. This hairstyle would suit men with thick hair. Look at the details.

  • This Hairstyle Is Best Suited For Little Boys.
  • Combine It With Casual Clothes For Outings With Friends Or With Regular College Clothes.
  • All Seasons Are Suitable For This Hairstyle.
  • The Style Will Suit Guys With A Round Face Shape.

4. Straight fluff:

Straight fluff

This medium length haircut will suit most of the Indian boy. And this is trending as various men in the fashion industry follow it. It gives a youthful appeal to the face and is the best among youth hairstyle trends. And this hairstyle will look good on men with straight hair and it will look attractive as the hair falls out.

  • This Style Is Best For Kids Under The Age Of 20.
  • It Is Suitable For Casual Wear Such As T-Shirts And Jeans, And Can Be Attended To Parties Or Outings With Friends.
  • The Diamond Shaped Or Oval Face With Straight Hair Is The Best For This Hairstyle.
  • Monsoon Or Winter Seasons Are The Best Seasons To Try This Hairstyle.

5. Going long:

Going long

Do not propagate generalizations, even if long hair is gangsta. Extreme is the type that can rock this urban look and get away with it. Since it conveys an insubordinate meaning, long hair is brave and attractive. Wearing your hair of such length shows that long hair is not just for pub brawlers; has a smooth appearance. The long hairstyle for Indian men also epitomizes a gentler styling methodology. Gentlemen with long hair look rebellious and dainty in one go. (What’s more, that’s what women really like.) This hairstyle lives up to expectations flawlessly in today’s most intrepid and intrepid dressing rooms.

  • Ideal For Men Of All Ages.
  • This Style Suits Casual Shirts And Pants Or Jeans Or Even Formal Suits Depending On The Occasion.
  • So You Can Party With Friends Or Even Attend Office Meetings And Events Like This One.
  • All Seasons Are Suitable For This Hairstyle.
  • Those With An Oval Shaped Face And Curly Hair Can Carry This Style Better.

6. Short with side part:

Short with side part

Here is an ordinary haircut for men. Short side parted hair with cropped side looks perfect and shiny. This vintage search is suitable for men of all ages, particularly mature and more experienced men who are inclined to this style. It is an ideal hairstyle for Indian boys.

  • It Is Very Suitable For Young Indians.
  • Combine It Even For Regular College Or Meetings With Friends With Casual Wear.
  • This Hairstyle Suitable And Best For All Seasons.
  • All Hair Types And Facial Shapes Are Suitable For This Hairstyle.

7. Clean appearance:

Clean look

No kidding, this is also one of the hottest and hottest selling trends in short hairstyles for Indian men. He is in fashion among Indian men, which is better since he looks like a real boss. You can look totally cool with this.

  • Ideal For Young Children And Ideal For The Summer Season.
  • Give Up On Casual Shirts And T-Shirts Alongside Jeans.
  • You Can Attend Discos, Parties Or Get Togethers With Friends Easily And Look Good.
  • It Is Suitable For Oval-Shaped Face And Curly Hair.

8. Long crew cut:

Long round neckline cut

Given the tropical and sub-tropical climate of India, this undercut haircut is the best on the market. It is best suited for all face shapes and at the same time gives an elegant look. What else is needed? Comfortable, stylish and fresh all at once. This hairstyle is popular with Indian boys haircuts.

  • Suitable For Men And Boys Of All Ages.
  • You Can Go With Indian Or Casual Or Even Formal Attire For All Gatherings. What Else Is Required?
  • Ideal For The Summer Season.
  • It Looks Good For All Hair Types And Only For Oval Shaped Faces.

9. Long layers:

Long layers

The long hairstyle for Indian men is exemplary, refined and current. Basically, the gentleman who wears this hairstyle is on the cusp of the style. Although it is a popular cut, the longest layers are smooth and clean; they are common and great looking.

  • Best For Men Of All Ages, Whether They Are Young Or Old, This Gives A Classy Look To The Face.
  • Formal Suits And Coats. It Also Gives A Classy Look.
  • It Can Be Easily Combined For Meetings Or Office Events.
  • The Winter And Monsoon Seasons Are Best For This Hairstyle.
  • Suitable Only For Oval Face And Straight Hair.

10. The straight fluff:

Straight fluff

Many celebrities like Shahid Kapoor, who is a popular Indian actor, have gotten along with this look. This look emphasizes the jawline and makes our face look attractive. You will need shoulder length hair for this look. In the front, most of the hair will fall asymmetrically over your forehead. In the back, this hairstyle will sport medium layers. It would be an ideal hairstyle for Indian boys.

  • This Hairstyle Is The Best And Most Suitable For Indian Boys.
  • The Summer Season Is The Best Season For This Style.
  • It Can Be Combined With Casual T-Shirts And Jeans For Informal Outings.
  • One Can Totally Achieve This With Silky Hair And Any Type Of Face.

11. The Shaggy Cropped Hairstyle:

The shaggy cropped hairstyle

Indian boys hairstyle with medium length hair will be fine for this look. The length of the hair will show the image still growing. This hairstyle looks a bit messy and is currently being sported by various celebrities in India. The look will show your playful nature and will also give your hair a soft, professional touch. It is ideal among short hairstyles for Indian men.

  • Best For All Seasons And Most Suitable For Young Children.
  • Good With Formal Or Casual Outfits. The Hairstyle Is One That Can Be Tailored For Official Events And Gatherings Or Even For Regular Outings.
  • It Suits People With Diamond Shaped Face And Straight Hair.

12. Gelled Dapper does:

The Dapper Gelled Up Do

It is one of the best hairstyles for men in India. This style is worn by the captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli. This hairstyle for the effortless look is quite classy and makes you look like an ideal gentleman. The hairstyle is so attractive that it will force you to cut your long hair to achieve this stunning look.

  • The Hairstyle Is Good For People With A Round Face And Short Hair.
  • Those Who Are Under 25 Can Look Good With This Hairstyle.
  • It Is Good For Casual And Casual Wear And You Can Attend Informal Events Such As Family Reunions Or Friends Parties. It Can Also Be Worn With A T-Shirt Or Shirts And Jeans.
  • All Seasons Are The Best For This Hairstyle.

13. Medium fluff:

Medium fluff

This style is one of the coolest hairstyles for men who want to show off a beard. This sexy and elegant hairstyle is effortless and maintenance-free. The shoulder length feature of this hairstyle makes it look much more attractive than other medium length hairstyles. It is one of the best long hairstyles for Indian men.

  • This Hairstyle Is Best For Boys Or Men Of Any Age Group.
  • It Can Be Paired With Casual Outfits Like T-Shirt And Jacket Along With Jeans Or Even Traditional Indian Men’s Kurtas.
  • The Winter Season Is The Best And Suitable For This Hairstyle.
  • You Can Totally Carry It Out For Family Events Or Meetings Or Even Office Wear.
  • Suitable For Oval-Faced Indian Men With Any Hair Type.

14. The curly peak hairstyle:

The curly peak hairstyle

Is curly hair a barrier between you and the world of fashion? Just try the curly spike hairstyle which is specifically designed for people with curly hair. It is probably one of the best hairstyles for men in India and can be used for both casual events and events.

  • Good With Curly Hair Type And Oval / Diamond Face For Indian Kids.
  • Ideal With Casual And Casual Outfits Like T-Shirts And Jeans Just For Attending A Regular College Or Hanging Out With Friends. This Hairstyle Can Be Part Of Everyday Wear.
  • It Adapts To All Seasons And Especially For The Summer Season.

15. The Crew Cut look:

The Crew Cut look

Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham often wears this great look. The hairstyle will represent discipline. Since India is a humid country, this hairstyle will be suitable for the people who reside there. The longest part of the hair is at the front, while the shortest part is at the crown. It is one of the formal hairstyles for men in India.

  • It Is Ideal In Case You Want To Take It To The Office Or Corporate Meetings. You Can Combine It With A Shirt, Coat, Suit And Tie If It Is A Formal Occasion. It Is Totally Up To You!
  • Suitable For Men Of Any Age And A Hairstyle For All Seasons.
  • The Hairstyle Is More Suitable For Men With An Oval Or Round Face With Any Type Of Hair.

16. The razored cut hairstyle:

The razored cut hairstyle

This style is one of the smartest hairstyles out there. This edgy look needs a bit of maintenance. For this hairstyle you will need straight hair (not too straight), which will give you a sharp and contemporary look. This short hairstyle for Indian men will give you immense confidence.

  • It Is A Good Hairstyle For Men 35 To 50 Years Old. Covers Age And Makes You Look Smarter.
  • Suitable For A Regular Outing With A Normal Shirt And Jeans With Friends Or Events As Well.
  • Most Suitable For All Seasons Except Summer.
  • This Hairstyle Is Ideal For Round Face Or Oval Shaped Face With Straight Hair.

17. The Buzz Cut:

The buzz cut

The buzz cut has been the latest trendsetter. He is one of the new men with Indian hairstyles. This style is a good hairstyle, especially for those who have short hair and want a modern and elegant look. And it gives a fresh touch and adds more attractiveness to your face.

  • Most Suitable For Indian Men Of Any Age Group.
  • Fits With Normal Casual Shirts And Jeans / Pants For Outings Or Informal Gatherings Or Parties.
  • The Summer Season Is The Best For This Hairstyle.
  • This Hairstyle Looks Good For All Face Shapes And Hair Types.

18. The short spiky hairstyle:

The short spiky hairstyle

This short spiky hairstyle is among the best hairstyles for men in India. And this is best in case you want to impress someone easily. It is very suitable for the structure and shape of the face of most men in India. Also, this short hairstyle for Indian men hides the receding hairline, if any.

  • Ideal For Men Over 35 Years Old.
  • Good With Formal Wear Like Tie, Shirt And Coat With Pants. It May Be More Suitable For Office Goers, Meetings And Corporate Wear.
  • This Hairstyle Is Suitable For Summer.
  • Men With All Face Shapes And Less Hair May Prefer This Last Hairstyle.

19. Running with curls:

Running with curls

Curly hair can be a blessing when it comes to bad weather, rain, or wind, as it remains perfectly curly. In case you have curly hair, this Indian hairstyle for men is definitely for you. It is going to look totally cool with style and elegance. And this looks at an intelligent individual. You don’t need any additional products or styling gadgets when you have naturally curly hair. No need to worry about frizz or volume, as curly hair has a natural bounce.

  • This Hairstyle Is Best For Younger Men.
  • The Winter And Monsoon Seasons Are Ideal For This Hairstyle.
  • Also, This Look Totally Matches With Casual Outfits Only Like T-Shirts And Jeans.
  • You Can Quickly Wear This To Party Or Date Night.
  • Ideal For All Face Shapes And Short Curly Hair.

20. Style and high booty:

Enhanced style and flair

For those who are inspired by French hairstyles, this may be the one for you. It’s a totally cool look with raised hair and a nice beard. This new Indian hairstyle may become popular with young Indians. This modern hairstyle, also known as a swag hairstyle, is easy and fun to style and very popular with young men who look great wearing it with fashionable clothes.

  • This Hairstyle Is Suitable Only For Young Men.
  • Suitable For Casual Outfits Such As Shirts And Pants. Can Also Be Worn With Jackets.
  • Ideal To Attend Parties Or Gatherings And Cocktails With This Look.
  • Ideal For Oval-Shaped Faces And Adapts To All Hair Types, Preferably Shorter Ones.
  • This Style Is An Excellent Hairstyle For The Winter Season.

Additional tips:

  1. Some Of The Additional Tips To Maintain The Best Hair For Indian Men Are Here.
  2. Use A Good Shampoo And Conditioner For Your Hair. Do Not Use Heavy Chemical Shampoos.
  3. Also, Don’t Use A Lot Of Hair Sprays Instead Of Using Natural Serums And Gels.
  4. Keep Your Hair Clean From Pollution And Dust.
  5. Make Sure To Massage Your Hair With Oil Once A Week.
  6. Make Sure To Visit A Spa Once A Month Or Two For Good Hair Maintenance.

Some of the best hairstyles for men in India are given. The days of having a regular stereotypical haircut all year round are over. Now we are here with the latest trendy hairstyles for Indian men to experiment with and suit everyone’s personality, face shape and hair type. I hope you enjoyed reading our article. Choose the best hairstyle that suits you based on your choice and occasion, and you can try them this season!

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Q1. I have less hair. Does any hairstyle fit me specifically?

Age: Yes, there are certain hairstyles that can help you hide thinning hair or even help cover receding hair. Take a look at our article on Indian hairstyles for men, and you are sure to find hairstyles that require less hair and can still make you cool and stylish.

Q2. How to maintain hair after using thermal styling products?

Years: You should use a good organic shampoo and conditioner. Also, don’t use too much heat and use heat resistant products and serums simultaneously when styling your hair. It will help you protect your hair quickly and try a new Indian hairstyle.

Q3. What are the good foods needed to maintain healthy hair in men?

Years: Everything for your general health requires a balanced diet, good skin and hair. Vitamins are necessary for healthy hair. One should add eggs, carrot, fish, dried fruits, green chickpea and legumes to their diet to keep their skin and hair healthy and experiment with the Indian hairstyle.