5 SEO techniques to increase ranking and traffic


Properly managing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques is essential in the arsenal of marketing tools of any company.

Although you follow many tips to improve the positioning of your website, the reality is that those who prevail are those who take advantage of technology wisely.

These 5 SEO techniques to increase ranking and traffic will help you meet Google’s expectations for your website.

1. SEO techniques: internal deep linking

External links generate a lot of traffic, but there is a cheaper and equally good alternative: internal links.

Define which keywords rank higher and make sure to add lots of anchor texts without making it obvious to Google, or it may penalize your website.

Adding a lot of internal links is one of the SEO techniques that tells Google that you are emphasizing a particular page or topic.

Also include links in the sidebar of your articles and blogs, to encourage Google to rank them higher, as long as they are visible on the page.

2. Focus on the landing page

Summarize your value proposition clearly in the header of your landing page .

If you don’t capture the attention of readers in your headline, they are unlikely to read the rest of your content.

Create visually appealing content in the form of infographics, illustrations, etc. and focus on a single call to action to get more conversions.

Multiple calls are more likely to distract users.

Also add customer testimonials, which help your brand’s credibility with customers and finally, don’t skimp on the use of long-tail keywords.

All of these SEO techniques work together to help you create a better user experience on your landing page.

3. Keep title tags short

This is one of the 5 SEO techniques to increase the most effective ranking and traffic.

Due to the exponential increase in mobile device usage, 15-40 character title tags are proven to work best.

Combining short URLs with short title tags is a great option.

4. SEO techniques: optimize for featured snippets

Top snippets in search engines are dominated by featured snippets , because Google likes to give users instant answers.

Featured snippets are huge time savers for users who don’t have to click to get an answer.

Furthermore, it is one of the SEO techniques that gives your brand a lot of exposure and opportunities to quickly outperform your competitors.

Add structured outline markup to make your website mobile friendly.

This helps you get more traffic and increases your chances of getting into the featured snippet box.

5. Focus on the pages that generate income

Optimize the pages that generate the most income, regardless of whether they are product, content or service pages.

This is one of the 5 easiest SEO techniques to increase ranking and traffic to implement.

Use the Google search console to find the keywords that drive the most traffic on those pages.

Then, analyze the keywords that provide few or no clicks and work to improve them.

Test and interconnect the pages that are not working with the ones that get the most traffic, so that they start to rank higher, thus increasing your income.

These powerful SEO techniques are incredibly effective and can open the floodgates of web traffic for you in no time.

Although they seem easy to implement, they require a lot of effort and a lot of observation to execute them successfully.

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