5 Social Media Trends To Keep Watch In 2022

Social Media Trends
Social Media Trends

Social media has continually proven to be a valuable channel for brands to get closer to their customers. Thanks to the agility with which its dynamics are transformed, it is necessary for those who develop their strategies and manage them to remain up-to-date with the trends of . that will lead the sector, in this way they will be able to take advantage of all the opportunities that the platforms offer to contribute to growth. of the business. 

From 2020 and throughout 2021 we saw an unprecedented evolution in the use of social networks in the world. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, user registration on social platforms had an increase of 13% equivalent to 490 million new users and the total connection time of people increased radically to almost 7 hours on average. daily navigation. As these indicators increase and the social media community grows, so do the opportunities to attract potential customers, generate more sales and build your brand. 

To give you a summary of what you should expect in 2022 in terms of social networks, today we present you the 5 trends that you cannot lose sight of this year. Get to know them, master them and apply them to reach your customers in a dynamic and attractive way.

1. Tik Tok, the most popular social network of the moment

If you have recently browsed social networks, you have surely heard of or come across content from Tik Tok, the social network that is all the rage around the world. This app focused on creating and sharing short videos has become one of the most extraordinary social media trends in history, generating a true cultural change by resignifying what deserves to be a trend and going “viral”. 

Last year alone, the app reached 1 billion registered users by increasing them by 45% in less than 11 months and this number continues to grow. According to Google Trends Search , in the last year, Tik Tok’s search demand has grown by 173%, while Instagram Reels’ has only grown by 22%. 

Despite this rapid growth, many companies are still hesitant to invest in the platform. During the 2022 Social Media Trends Report Survey , Hootsuite found that only 35% of respondents plan to increase their investment in this network for the current year. However, when it comes to trends, the key is to “take a risk”, of course, after evaluating if strategically this can be a viable decision according to the needs of your business. 

Fortunately, Tik Tok has introduced new tools for companies such as Tik Tok for Business, a platform that gives you the opportunity to advertise to increase the reach of your business and reach new potential customers. If you’re still thinking about it, 2022 is the perfect time to embark on new social media trends . Find out about this platform, identify if it is a good option for your company and take the first steps.

2. Social Commerce (Ecommerce in social networks)

One of the most consistent social media trends over time has to do with the push of social platforms towards tools that offer other benefits beyond communication with family and friends. The impact of social media in the world of marketing has made networks play a fundamental role in commercial efforts and business profitability and therefore, the arrival of social commerce as a trend for this year is not unreasonable. 

Social commerce is a way of online commerce that takes advantage of social platforms as a sales channel. Its appearance provides a valuable opportunity for brands to create e-commerce experiences in the network environment, a place precisely where many users go to find out about certain products and services. 

Thanks to the takeoff of this trend, there are several platforms that already include ecommerce functions in social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, however the others are not far behind and are working to perfect this function that seeks to provide more opportunities for businesses to Increase your sales and boost profitability. 

3. Customer service through social networks 

Social platforms now represent much more than just being channels to socialize. The different networks in the digital world have gone from functioning as entertainment spaces to acting as sources of information, discovery engines and sales channels. All these attributes, in addition to providing benefits for users, have expanded the opportunities for brands to communicate with their customers and provide quick responses that resolve their queries in real time. 

This transition has happened gradually, but by 2022 a major new evolution is looming: customer service via social media will be one of the most prominent social media trends . Users have formalized these channels as tools to express their opinions, satisfactions and discontents, so it was a matter of time before their questions, complaints, suggestions, among others, were transferred to them.

Platforms have become a direct way of talking to brands and avoiding the red tape that sometimes involves trying to communicate through their other channels. For this year, it is recommended that brands enable these communication channels and have positions that attend them if their type of operation allows it. 

4. Collaborate with influencers to achieve market goals

According to the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) it is estimated that the influencer marketing business has grown by 70.4% in Colombia over the last two years and due to its exponential growth trend, this progress promises to continue advancing in 2022.

Brands are increasingly aware of the power and importance of influence in the sales cycle, which is why there is a need to incorporate collaborations with influencers into the marketing strategy. Likewise, it is recommended to work with smaller-scale content creators (micro and nano influencers) who have closer links with the audience and therefore greater capacity to generate trust. 

Users want to see greater authenticity from brands, therefore, another trend in social networks is for companies to generate long-term collaborations that allow them to position influencers as brand representatives, so they can understand it in greater depth and have more information that inspires them to buy your products or services. 

5. Rise of the Metaverse

Closing out 2021, Gartner listed the metaverse as one of the 5 impactful technologies on the Emerging Trends and Technologies Impact Radar for 2022 . These technologies are expected to evolve and become an important part of the global reality. 

The metaverse in particular is already a reality, and with a combination of augmented reality, virtual reality, video games, cryptocurrency transactions, interaction and social networks, it will be an immersive experience that will provide access to all kinds of entertainment, shopping, social relationships and job opportunities. .

The ecosystem of the metaverse will grow from now on, meaning a disruption in all markets, its impact will surely represent many opportunities for brands, so do not lose sight of it.