6 ecommerce Trends for 2022

ecommerce Trends
ecommerce Trends

In recent years, electronic commerce, also called e-commerce, has grown significantly, managing to transform the market and consumer behavior . Perhaps it was not your turn, but before, if a product was required, it was mandatory to travel regardless of the distance, in order to acquire the item that was needed.

However, thanks to the discovery of the Internet, little by little the way of buying and selling evolved, until it became what it is today: a hybrid system that contemplates two alternatives: Purchases in physical stores and purchases through stores and virtual platforms .

And although today that system is more than entrenched, it is a fact that the pandemic, despite the negative consequences it produced in terms of health and the economy, played a fundamental role in the development and positioning of Electronic Commerce, which allowed -and continues to allow- thousands of small, medium and large companies to remain profitable.

But, as everything lives in constant evolution, if you have a company and you want it to continue to be prosperous and to improve sales in virtuality, you need to take into account these 6 E-Commerce trends that will prevail in 2022.

More visual sales

What usually happens when we walk through a shopping center? Yes, sooner or later we stop at a showcase. And you will think that this is “typical of women”, but no, it happens to all of us that when we see a shirt, some shoes or even some video games correctly exposed, it immediately catches our attention, and it is almost inevitable that we get closer to contemplate them better.

Well, the same should happen in virtual sales . Think like a consumer: if you don’t see a product well, how are you going to convince yourself to buy it? Makes sense, right? That is why you as a seller must know how to show all the items you sell, in a striking and very visual way. So that when your potential customers enter your virtual store, they fall in love with the items at first sight and do not hesitate to buy from you .

Of course, it has always been known that in terms of sales -and food-, everything enters through the eyes. However, now that most have access to mobile devices, the various networks and internet platforms have become showcases, therefore, it is more than necessary that you as an entrepreneur know how to show the merchandise, either through detailed photos , videos, 360º photographs and even bet on virtual reality.

Flexible payments and deliveries

The payment process is serious business. And it is not for less, money is one of the most sensitive factors and that is why it requires strategy and a lot of tact. In this way, in order to make the greatest possible number of sales, the most strategic thing is to offer consumers payment facilities that allow them to acquire the product they want, without feeling the pressure of having to pay immediately.

Well, just as payment gateways have already become popular , and it is currently possible to choose by which means the transaction is carried out, in 2022 there will be an increase in electronic businesses that implement different payment methods, which are flexible, such as paying by installments, without interest. or after receiving the product.

For that reason, if you really want to increase sales, the best thing you can do is choose the most attractive payment options according to your target audience.

The same goes for delivery modalities. Now everything happens very quickly, and just as it is easy to enter a virtual store and buy a product, it is also expected that the shipment will be made . However, this is usually not the case. Sometimes we are lucky and it arrives the next day, but other times it can take more than 3 days. And to be honest, we always expect it to arrive as quickly as possible.

For this reason, so that the users who visit your virtual store are motivated to make a purchase, in addition to the flexibility in payment, try other shipping options such as picking up at the point of sale or express deliveries. However, make sure that this modality is the ideal one for your clientele.

Join the Marketplaces

Have you ever bought on Amazon, Mercadolibre or maybe on Ebay? These are some of the most popular Marketplaces, which record thousands and even millions of sales every day. However, have you ever wondered why they are so famous? The answer is simple: they are like shopping malls where you can buy any product with the advantage that you don’t have to go there, which is very attractive for consumers .

In fact, Facebook identified the importance of implementing a Marketplace, and did so in 2007. Since then, it has allowed a large number of people to constantly buy and sell, for free.

However, currently most of these platforms, which by the way are very advanced, require an investment for the stores to appear in their catalog, and even if you think it is an unnecessary expense, it will actually allow you to increase sales and achieve more. visibility, because those who enter can easily find your products.

On the other hand, there are also vertical or specialized Marketplaces, which are classified according to the niche to which a store belongs. In other words, if you sell sports shoes, you could join Runnics, a platform where only this type of footwear is sold. In this way, the probability that they buy from you increases, because by showing specific articles , they will appear quickly.

Did you know that with Shopify you can connect to Marketplaces? Learn what Shopify is in the following recommended content.

Personalize your products

Products that can be customized are all the rage. More and more people are encouraged to start a business based on their manual skills, such as artists who paint pictures to order, or those who make clothes with designs that their clients send them. And although other companies previously bet on this strategy, such as Coca Cola and its bottles with surnames and names, during this year consumers will be totally caught up in this trend, since products that can be personalized manage to capture the essence of the buyer.

Consequently, an excellent tactic for your store to differentiate itself from the competition and acquire more customers is to choose to offer exclusivity by offering the possibility of personalizing products. Without a doubt, this will be very striking, and thus you will be able to create a bond with your audience, since it appeals to their deep feelings and desires.

Live Shopping

Social networks like Tik Tok and Instagram have become the favorite channels for live broadcasts. And it is that a specific platform is no longer required, with a simple click we can show what we are doing.

For now, those who are influenced are the ones who have taken advantage of this tool the most, using the famous “live” ones, in which they interact with their followers and advertise. However, live shopping is a trend that will enter strongly this year, and companies will have the challenge of implementing it. Well, although by this means the sale is still virtual, when done live, it is similar to a visit to the physical store; then in this way the available products can be seen much better and concerns are answered immediately .

So if you want to be at the forefront and multiply sales, optimize your social networks and organize live broadcasts so that you can display your products and manage to sell them live.

Bet on Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is no longer a concept of the future. Facebook recently announced the arrival of the Metaverse, the latest technological development that will change the user experience on this platform. From there, a great expectation has been created about what this term encompasses, which, broadly speaking, is a technology that mixes reality and the virtual.

And although AR has multiple points in common with Virtual Reality, its impact goes much further, since it correctly integrates visual and interactive elements, thus providing a vivid experience.

Although this technology is just coming into force, it is better that you explore how to implement it in your E-commerce. This way you will be one step ahead of your competition, and you will close many more sales.