8 of the Most Note-Worthy HR Trends for 2021

HR Trends

There are eight of the most note worthy HR trends for 2021. These are all driven by the need to better align a company’s strategy with its operational reality. For one thing, how can you deliver a new product or service if your organization isn’t even up to speed on the technology that powers it? How can you keep abreast of changes in labor laws if you don’t have the people who are trained to navigate them? The need for strategic thinking goes beyond a single aspect of the business; it goes to the nitty gritty of operations.


With the explosion of social media, online engagement has reached new heights in both consumer and supplier circles. Human Resources should be cognizant of this trend and have an organized approach to monitoring and responding to it. An organized workforce is a productive workforce.


Technology is changing rapidly as well. It’s important to stay abreast of the latest advances to assure you have the workforce you need. Can your HR department keep up? What about telecommuting? It’s a question of modern technology being applied to the workplace.


The global economy is slowing down and impacting nearly every industry. While there are some bright spots, there are fewer employees working in the United States and many European countries than there were a decade ago. Recruiters have to change their recruiting strategies to target employees with skills that companies need. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to do.


The need for higher pay also drives some of these trends. Companies that offer better benefits are more likely to attract and retain the best talent. Beyond that, it just makes good business sense.


Another of the important HR trends for 21st century organizations is career planning. Long gone are the days of just jumping into a new career. Today’s employee needs to know what they want out of life. They need to have a career plan and have goals to shoot for. A person without direction rarely accomplishes anything.


One of the reasons people leave companies is that they do not have goals and planning. Just leaving the office can be motivation to change the way they live. If you have an executive career, then it behooves you to plan ahead and to be prepared for what’s next.


Are you part of this trend? What do you think? What could you do to help? Let us know in the comments below.


Technology is advancing at breakneck speed. The human body and brain are quickly being connected. You might have already heard about “brain wave entrainment.” This is about subliminal technology that can change your brain waves to learn new things. It is being used with great success by athletes. Even more so by artists.


What about Motivation? Has it changed at all? Do employees feel motivated? Is there a clear path to their professional goals? Motivation is alive and well, but it is far from perfect. Inspiring workers is still a work in progress.


Are you part of the problem? Do you lack a plan and a goal? Do you lack clarity about what you want? What’s going on in your company? Do you need help? There is help available.


Are you a bad manager? Bad managers waste employees time, resources and energy. They do not deliver the goods. Learn the techniques that work for you and your team.


Do you provide enough training and development? Human resources is an area where many employers are falling short. Not only are they short in training and development, but they are also falling short in providing on-the-job experience. In fact, many companies think they can teach employees what they need to know. But most of the time, it’s the employees who end up having problems with the training. Companies should be focused on employees.


Do you offer employee discounts? Employees often use discounts to save money. If your company offers employee discounts, then your company may be falling short.


Do you offer personalization? Personalization is key in branding your business. You need to build trust and credibility with the people who will be buying or using your product. It’s the only way you can build the level of satisfaction you are looking for. If you want to be taken seriously, personalize your business. Offer something for free or give a discount to customers who purchase a certain percentage of their items from you.


What about incentives? If you have a system that works, offer an incentive for employees who do a good job. This might be something simple as a bonus every few months. It can also be something more long term like a new car or an electronic device that works. If your business has a high turn over rate, then this is a great way to keep employees motivated.


What about benefits and opportunities? This can be a very important area to manage in the future. As your business grows, the benefits your employees receive for their efforts should reflect that growth. If there are no benefits, then you are losing out on potential revenue. Make sure you provide them the tools they need to manage these efforts.


Are there any other areas you should watch out for? These are just a few of the most important trends. They should always be kept in mind when you are planning your business. Don’t just change things around; make them better. This will create a more satisfied and dedicated workforce.