9 Stats to Improve your 2021 Marketing Stratgies

Marketing Strategies

Nine stats to improve your 2021 marketing Stratagies! Statistic nine: Your business has an online presence. That’s it. Don’t think about anything else…

That’s the first stat! But think about that next stat. It says your business has at least a website, if not more. That means people have found your site at least once, and it means that someone – most likely you – visited your site at least once in the past six months… and more likely multiple times. That means there is business being served by having a presence on the web.

The second stat! It says that your business has at least one Internet-based customer/visitor. That means you have at least one person who has seen your website online, and at least one person who has requested more information from you via email, or otherwise. That also means that someone – again, most likely you – visited your business at some point to either order what you have to offer or to get more information.

The third stat! That means at least one person has at least viewed at least one of your company’s YouTube videos, or another similar online presence. That too proves there are life and death for your business online presence!

The fourth stat! That proves that your business has at least one live employee. That means at least one person is actually logging into your company’s website each day. That also shows there IS an investment in your business, because people are paying you to stay online! And this is without you having to do anything. So even if you’ve never done it before, your business is already on the right track!

The fifth stat! This one proves your business exists, but that traffic is not coming in by itself. It is coming thanks to your site’s SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. Someone is looking for what you have to offer via your website, and they have chosen you specifically because you have done an excellent job of getting them to find you. In other words, you have been “caught in the web spider’s eye” and that is a good thing!

The sixth and seventh stats are both pretty self-explanatory: how many visitors has your site received in the past and how many visitors is expected in the future. Remember, you can’t count on current traffic to boost your business; no traffic is ever a guarantee of future sales. But you CAN use past traffic to guide you in the right direction toward more visitors. And that’s why we call it the Power of One!

Now that you know the basics of these stats, all you need to do is put them to work for you. Take each stat above and add your own little twist. What will you be able to control in the future? It’s up to you! Use this information wisely and you’ll be on your way to making your business grow like never before!

And last but not least, we recommend you consider the Cost Per View as another one of the stats to improve your 2021 marketing Stratagies. This is the cost per view, or CPM, of your video. It tells you how many times your video has been viewed and also tells you how many people are watching at any given moment. As you gain more subscribers, watch time goes up, and views go up, so does your CPM.

And finally, let us mention again, YouTube! This is a powerful resource, when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Every minute of every day, people are logging on to YouTube in hopes of finding the answer to their burning question…or the solution to their problems! This stat, the traffic to your website metric known as Your Videos Metrics, tells you how many visits you’ve had, how many people are viewing your videos, and also how many sales have been made.

And there’s one more stat that will kill your business! This stat is called Social Media Metrics, and it measures your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Tumbler use. This is the stat that will tell you whether or not your business is making the money it should be. Every week, during the weekdays, how many people do you think log on to each of these websites? How many sales do you think you’re making on a daily basis? If you don’t know this stat, then you’re losing money!

By the way, if you’re serious about wanting to improve your ability to manage risk and reduce cost, then I highly recommend that you find a stat that will help you do just that. You can use the stats I’ve described above, but you can also find other valuable stats that will help you optimize your business. All of these stats are free and easy to use! So get to collect them, stat!