How To Use Amla For Hair Growth – 6 Super Remedies!

Amla For Hair Growth

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful and luscious hair? Well! Hair adds a beauty quotient to both men and women. But with increasing levels of pollution and other stressful lifestyle patterns, hair loss has become a major concern for many. After hair loss, hair growth is believed to be almost impossible in many cases. That’s when amla comes as a savior! Amla for hair growth has been an ancient techniques.

Popularly known as Indian gooseberry, the benefits of amla, especially for hair, are truly remarkable. It’s called as a super hair ingredient for a reason! Gooseberry has many exceptional properties that accelerate hair growth, improve hair growth, reduce hair loss and graying of hair, add thickness and shine to hair. Recipes based on amla work as the best remedies for any hair problem , and here is a guide that gives you information on how to use amla effectively for hair growth.

We will first see how good amla is at reducing hair loss, because hair loss is a major concern for many.

How good is Amla for hair loss?

We know that Amla is excellent at solving all hair related problems. But what’s interesting is that amla has the potential to reduce hair loss by strengthening hair from the roots. When the hair strands are strengthened from the root cleansing the hair follicles and the scalp, hair loss is automatically reduced. Well, if you are wondering how amla can cleanse the scalp, you must remember the fact that amla is a fruit with a citrus nature. The fruit has a combination of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that improve blood circulation to the scalp and help eliminate radicals that cause hair loss. The antioxidant property of Indian gooseberry greatly benefits hair by neutralizing radicals,

Amla benefits for hair:

In addition to being a super agent in effectively reducing hair loss, amla also has unique uses. Read on to find out.

1. Hair regrowth:

Amla accelerates hair growth and also enriches the scalp to create a better field for hair growth. Amla is rich in calcium, iron, and essential vitamins that contribute to hair growth. New hair growth is stimulated by strengthening the hair follicles and adding phytonutrients.

2. Reversal of gray hair:

Amla works effectively to reverse the aging of the hair and also the aging of the hair, which means a thinning of the hair that results in breakage. Aged or gray hair, which is mainly due to rashes, burning sensations, redness, ulcers, body heat and burns, is treated by Amla, which acts as a natural coolant that reduces the graying of the hair. Amla also works wonders in reversing graying to natural hair color.

3. Anti-dandruff agent:

If dandruff is your main concern, Amla is the best ingredient that you can trust for quick results. Amla’s healing properties act as antimicrobial properties, giving a cooling effect to the scalp by deeply hydrating it. Reduces itching and helps heal pores on the scalp. Any flaking problems can also be reduced with regular use of Amla on hair.

4. Natural hair conditioner:

Amla also acts as a smoothing hair conditioner. Adds silky shine and texture to your hair when used regularly. Amla hydrates the hair strands and works to reduce frizz in the hair.

5. Scalp protector:

Frequently use Indian gooseberry on hair and scalp to effectively treat parasitic hair and skin infections. If lice, bacterial or fungal infections are causing you difficulties, rely on applying amla to your hair frequently.

How to use Amla effectively for hair growth?

Most people often ask how to use raw amla for hair? Should we mix amla with other ingredients? Well! Here we tell you how! Most of the time, effective home remedies can be prepared using amla oil or amla powder in combination with other ingredients to treat hair problems. Here we collect for you the six best remedies with Amla for hair problems! Check out!

1. Amla oil for hair growth:

Amla oil for hair growth

Regular application of Amla oil to the hair goes a long way in combating hair loss and causing new hair growth. The application of Amla oil is simple, but you should know if the oil you are using is correct or not. You can choose to buy the product at any of the supermarkets or department stores closest to your location.

However, to make sure that amla oil is natural and safe to use, you can use homemade amla oil naturally. We demonstrated an easy way to make amla oil at home without adding preservatives. We also tell you how to use amla for hair.

Ingredients required:

  • Fresh Amla.
  • One Tablespoon Of Coconut Oil.

Preparation time: 15 minutes.

How to prepare and apply:

  • Grate The Fresh Amla And Extract Its Juice After Discarding The Seeds.
  • Squeeze The Juice Well.
  • Add Coconut Oil To The Amla Juice And Stir The Mixture Well.
  • Heat The Mixture By Placing The Container In Hot Water.
  • Gently Massage The Oil Into Your Scalp.
  • Leave It For 2-3 Hours.
  • You Rinse It Off Well With Warm Water And A Mild Shampoo.

How often to do : Once weekly.

2. Amla Powder with Eggs:

Egg powder and amla for hair growth

Amla powder with eggs is a home remedy that works best for reducing hair loss, adding shine to dull hair, and enhancing hair growth. In this remedy, we will use dry amla powder. Amla powder gains twice the strength when combined with eggs. It works like magic, as it nourishes the hair well and strengthens the follicles. Eggs are popularly known for their hair conditioning properties. When amla is mixed with eggs, it conditions hair thoroughly, making it more manageable. Now say goodbye to frizzy and dry hair with this secret.

Ingredients required:

  • Two Whole Eggs.
  • Half A Cup Of Amla Powder.

Preparation time : 1 hour.

How to prepare and apply:

  • Take A Bowl And Beat The Eggs Well. You Can Use Both The White And The Yolk.
  • Sponge The Eggs Well.
  • Add Powdered Amla To The Same Bowl And Stir For A Smoother Paste Consistency.
  • Apply This Mixture Like A Hair Mask And Gently Massage Into The Scalp, Making Sure All Hair Is Well Covered.
  • Leave The Mask On For An Hour Or Two.
  • Wash Hair With Cold Water And A Mild Shampoo.

How often to do: Once a week.

Precautions: Do not use hot water to rinse your hair as it can cook the egg in your hair and lead to sticky, smelly hair.

3. Amla powder with Reetha and Shikakai powder:

Reetha and Shikakai

You already know the uses of amla powder for hair. But did you know that you can mix amla powder with natural shikakai powder and reetha for the best hair conditioning? The antioxidants and nutrients present in these ingredients will help hair growth. The combination of amla and reetha is said to reduce gray hair effectively in a short time. Darkens hair and brings healthy follicles if used regularly.

Ingredients required:

  • Amla Powder.
  • Reetha Powder.
  • Shikakai Powder.

Preparation time : 15 minutes.

How to prepare and apply:

  • Take A 1: 1: 1 Ratio Of The Three Powders In A Bowl.
  • Mix Rose Water To Make A Smooth Paste.
  • Alternatively, You Can Add Amla Juice Instead Of Amla Powder If You Have A Bottle.
  • Take A Brush And Apply The Paste All Over Your Hair.
  • Leave It On For 2-3 Hours And Let It Dry.
  • Pour In Water And Massage Gently To Remove The Application Effectively.
  • Rinse With Water Properly.

How often to do: Once a week for best results.

4. Amla powder and henna mixture:

Amla Henna Powder for Hair

If gray hair is giving you embarrassing moments, you should try Amla powder with a henna recipe. This is a grandmother’s recipe for conditioning and coloring hair. Henna works wonders as a natural coloring. Amla, when mixed with henna, acquires the exceptional potential to restore natural color to hair! Amla is rich in antioxidants and nutrients and henna is a cooling agent with a coloring nature. When you mix two super ingredients, the result is simply fantastic! Give this a try and flaunt your shiny hair with effortless reclaimed natural color in no time. Alternatively, you can use amla juice if you prefer to extract fresh natural juice at home.

Ingredients required:

  • Amla Powder / Amla Juice.
  • Henna Powder.
  • Fenugreek Powder.
  • Egg White.

Preparation time: 65 minutes.

How to prepare and apply:

  • Take A Bowl And Add A Mixture Of A Cup Of Amla Powder And 3 Tablespoons. Of Henna Powder.
  • You Can Also Use Amla Juice Instead Of Amla Powder To Mix It With Henna Powder.
  • Henna Powder Add 2 Tbsp. Of Fenugreek Seeds In The Same Container.
  • Add Water And Beat Until Smooth.
  • Add The Egg White And Beat Well To Mix Well.
  • Let It Soak For An Hour.
  • Apply The Paste On Your Hair As A Mask Covering All The Strands Of Hair.
  • Leave It For An Hour.
  • Rinse Well With Warm Water First And Then Use A Mild Shampoo.

How often to do: Once a week for fast, long-lasting results.

5. Mix of lemon juice and amla juice:

Besides using Amla juice with henna, if you mix it with lemon juice, it works like magic. If you suffer less loss or can see bald spots appear out of nowhere, amla juice works best for hair growth. The blend increases collagen levels and balances pH levels on the scalp. Wear this and watch your hair get soft and also dense in no time!

Ingredients required:

  • Amla / Fresh Amla Juice.
  • Lemon.
  • Fenugreek Seeds.

Preparation time: 10 minutes.

How to prepare and apply:

  • Take Amla, Wash It Well.
  • Mix It In A Blender Jug ​​To Get The Juice Out Of It.
  • You Can Also Use Dried Amla Instead.
  • Add Two Tablespoons Of Lemon Juice.
  • Add 2 Tablespoons. Of Fenugreek Seeds To The Mixture.
  • Mix Them Well And Apply The Juice To The Roots Of The Hair.
  • Massage Gently Making Sure All Corners Of Your Scalp Are Covered.
  • Let The Mask Sit For 15-20 Minutes Before Rinsing Off.
  • Wash With Lukewarm Water Luke.

How often to do: once a week.

6. Amla and fenugreek powder for hair:

Fenugreek and amla powder for hair growth

Is dandruff making you feel bad? Flaky scalp can embarrass you on any possible occasion. Dirty and impure scalp or any possible scalp infection causes dandruff. Here is a perfect remedy for you! Add a pinch of fenugreek to Amla and make a magic hair mask. Use it to have a clean and fresh scalp in no time. This mask can protect itself from all impurities and is excellent especially during winters when dandruff flakes form.

Ingredients required:

  • 1 Tablespoon. Of Fenugreek Seeds.
  • 5 Tablespoons Yogurt.
  • 1 Tablespoon. Olive Oil.
  • One Teaspoon Of Amla Powder.
  • ¼ Cup Of Water.

Preparation time: 3 hours.

How to prepare and apply:

  • Take All The Ingredients In A Bowl.
  • Stir Until You Get A Smooth Paste.
  • Let It Sit For Three Hours And Let It Soak In Well.
  • The Mixture Will Thicken And The Fenugreek Seeds Will Swell.
  • Generously Apply This Mask To The Scalp And Hair.
  • Leave This For 45 Minutes.
  • Rinse Well.

How often to do: Once every two weeks.

Additional benefits with Amla:

Now you know how wonderful amla is for your hair and scalp! Amla naturally has essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is suitable for all hair types. It can be used to treat any hair or scalp condition without a second thought. Here we collect the benefits of amla for different hair textures.

Dry hair or scalp:

Now get your hair / scalp nourished and hydrated by using Amla hair packs regularly. You can apply Amla with eggs to get smooth and silky hair without harshness.

Oily hair or scalp:

For those who suffer from oily hair / scalp, Amla with henna is the best option. This can result in a reduction in sebum production on the scalp and work to balance the pH levels in the hair.

Damaged hair:

Weak and damaged hair requires special attention as it is prone to further damage. In this case, apply Amla oil and juice to the roots of your hair and scalp. This works like magic to strengthen the hair follicles.

Infected scalp:

The Indian gooseberry has the ability to treat scalp infections such as bacterial and fungal deposits. Apply Amla oil regularly and massage gently for best results.

Frizzy hair:

Last but not least, now let your dream of silky hair come true with Amla! Say goodbye to frizzy hair using Amla Oil and Amla Hair with Eggs Pack. Conditioned and well-nourished hair will be yours!

Thats not all; Applying amla to hair regularly can be beneficial in the long run. Amla keeps hair loss and graying at bay and intensifies the growth of thick hair. Try these amla hair masks and share your experience with us!