Image sites to download free and royalty free


In the digital world, images, graphic resources and other multimedia content play a fundamental role when creating a website, a blog, posting on social networks or creating ads.

You will agree that the visual aspect is what attracts or draws people away from any subject, for example a store or a restaurant. If these have an attractive decoration, keep order and the atmosphere is pleasant, we enter without thinking about it, but when the opposite happens, we pass by.

The same thing happens on a website or any other digital element. Users will stop at those that most attract their attention due to their visual appearance, as well as their content. Therefore, it is something that we must take care of and prioritize.

To do this, we can use banks where we find images to download for free or other paid ones. If you choose the first ones, you should know that, despite being images to download for free, in some of them it is necessary to attribute the author.

Next, we share a list of sites to download free images, with and without copyright.

Where to find images to download for free?

The truth is that most image banks to download for free include copyright or it is necessary to switch to a payment plan after using the free version in order to continue accessing its content.

But it is also true that, for the most part, they are the ones that offer the most quality in their resources. Here we share some of the most popular:

➽ Freepik

This is one of the most complete free image sites out there. From it you can download vectors, stock photos, PSD and icons. Simply enter what you need in the search engine and filter by type of resource and mode of use (free or premium) and you will obtain a list of options to choose from.


➽ Flat icon

This other site contains a huge database of icons and stickers that can also be used for free by attributing their author. It is a source of great help for digital works. And, in addition, the resources are available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats.

➽ Magdeleine

Here you will find resources that you can even use to download good night images for WhatsApp for free.

They are artistic photos taken by professionals who share them for free (in exchange for a mention, of course). If you are going to use them in a public place, do not forget to mention!

➽ The Noun Project

Again, it is a repository of both icons and free images. You just have to enter what you need in the search engine and choose the resources that you like the most.

To use them you must attribute their author, buy each one individually or subscribe to their monthly plan.

➽ Vecteezy

Before it was called PhotoPin and it is a search engine that includes both images to download for free, attributing their author, and premium images that you can only use if you subscribe to their monthly plan and have this license.

The collection is quite wide, it is even possible to find beautiful good night images again. If you are one of those people who like to share these details.

➽ OpenPhoto

Copyrights in this repository vary from image to image. Therefore, you must verify, before using it, if it is a 100% free image or another that requires attribution.

➽ Albumarium

In Albumarium it happens the same as in the previous case, the image rights vary. So you should check them before using them. Its peculiarity is that the images are classified by albums. You can access the one you prefer or use the search engine.

Before closing this section, it should be noted that if you have ever thought of downloading images from Instagram web and using them on your website, blog or social profiles, you should be careful. Even though they are in a public place, you could have problems with their author.

Free images: Free and royalty-free

On the other hand, there are images to download for free that are free of copyright and therefore you can use them without attribution. It is possible to use them on your website, blog, social networks, to make GIFs online or send them to your friends.

Let’s see some of the free image banks with which you will be able to work, if at this time you have not thought of investing in resources of this type.

  • Pixabay. Here they do not teach you how to make animated videos for your website, but they do offer you a wide catalog of videos, as well as images to download for free.
  • Pexels. It offers free high-resolution images and videos that you can use how and where you want. Just come in and find what you need.
  • Wikimedia Commons. It is the Wikipedia portal that you can enter to download free images.
  • Unsplash. It is similar to Pixabay and Pexels, but in this case it does not include videos in its collection.
  • Gratisography. In it there are no restrictions on use and you can find free images of any category. Even if you put “good morning images to download for free” in the search engine, you will get results.
  • Pick Up Image. Like the previous options, it contains images to download for free, but it includes a novelty. On this site you will find an online editor from which you can modify the photos as you wish.
  • Stok pic. Finally, in this bank, in addition to downloading photos, they give you the opportunity to receive the week’s news by email so that you can use them first.