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Content marketing
Content marketing

If you have a local business, search engines  are your great allies today. Customers who need products or services close to home or in a specific area search these platforms to find the perfect business that can help them. In this sense, the premises that appear in the first results have a greater chance of attracting the public and, therefore, of increasing their sales. If you want to be one of them, the best thing is that you start developing a content marketing strategy for  local SEO . In this article I will tell you how to do it.

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How to create a content marketing strategy for local SEO

Content  marketing  focused on  local SEO positioning  is one of the best ways to increase the presence of your physical business in search engines without investing money in it. Next, I show you how you can start putting it into practice so that you begin to notice how you are gaining ground on the internet.

Do a local keyword search

Keywords are those terms most used by users when conducting an internet search. For example, if someone is looking for a dog grooming salon in her city, the most common is that they enter the keywords “Madrid dog grooming salon” or “Barcelona dog grooming salon” in the search engines. Why are these keywords or keywords important to you? Because you should use them as a priority on your website, landing pages or blog articles so that they rank well in search engines. In short, your goal is to adapt to user searches and use their language. 

At this point, you may be wondering how you can find out what keywords your audience is using. Very easy. There are different platforms (such as Google Trends, Semrush or Ahrefs, among others) that allow you to carry out  very good keyword research  to find out which word or group of words is the most used and best for you.

Our advice is that you get down to work with the search for keywords and create a document in which you classify them and save them so that you always have them at hand.

Create specific landing pages for the city in which you develop your business

The  landing pages or landing pages  are pages that are within your website and that have the objective of converting your  potential clients  into clients. These pages can be positioned in search engines using the keywords collected in the keyword research that we talked about before. Generally, their design is simple with very basic and specific information about an offer, event or other topic that can attract the attention of the public.

When creating a specific landing page for your local business, it is advisable to create one for each location you have. In other words, if your business has three offices in three different areas, it is best to create a landing page for each one. Why this? Because each one will have the characteristics it needs to attract the attention of the public looking for a business like yours in that area. In that sense, each one will require specific keywords, a different contact number, a different address and, ultimately, the information for each one will vary depending on each business.

Have a NAP list on your website

The acronym  NAP  refers to the information that search engines show about your business. That is, your name, phone number and address. It is important that this data appears on all the pages of your website and that you also include it in local directories such as  Google My Business , this will help you a lot to position yourself.

Create content related to your niche market

Your blog articles can be the first contact a potential customer has with your brand. Therefore, they must be interesting, well documented and focus on topics that are interesting to your target audience and that focus on your business niche. This can make the difference between a new customer or a lost customer. For example, if your location is a hair salon, your blog can talk about hair care, hair trends, or hair products. Of course, you can’t forget the tone of your articles either, which should suit your customers.

Create local blog content

One way to attract people near your business is by creating blog content that focuses on  local issues and concerns . Continuing with the example of the hair salon, if your business is located in an area with high humidity, it is more likely that there will be more people with curly or wavy hair, so covering topics such as hair straightening or curl care can help you attract more audience.

Have a FAQ page

Search engines value content a lot when it comes to positioning a web page. Creating an FAQ section is an easy way to improve your SEO ranking while improving the user experience.

Dive into video marketing

According to the data,  digital marketing  focused on video captures much better attention than written texts. The time that users spend on your website is also important when it comes to ranking, so indexing videos on your platform can be a very good idea.

Create a success story page 

These contents work very well and connect a lot with the reader. Show on your website the testimonials of those clients who have fallen in love with your business to encourage more and more people to get to know you.

Create social media content suitable for each platform

Social  networks  are one of the best ways to attract traffic to your website and therefore increase your SEO positioning. To do this, you can index the link of your page in your network profile or create publications that encourage reading your articles.

Benefits of content marketing for Local SEO

  • Improve your reputation : creating quality content that appears in the first search results will make users see your business as a trusted and reference brand in the sector to turn to. 
  • Increase your competitiveness : There is a lot of competition in today’s market, even locally. Standing out in search engines is a way to make your business stand out and not get lost in the vastness. 
  • Helps you build community : Content marketing is one of the best ways to humanize your local business and reach the most human side of customers. Our emotions guide our purchasing decisions in most cases. Therefore, not only the content is important, but also the way in which you transmit it, as well as being constant in its publication. All this will help people feel closer to your brand and notice that they are part of it, which will be reflected in your results.
  • Save expenses : there are two ways to appear in the first results of search engines, through paid ads or through content marketing strategies that improve the positioning of your business organically. The first entails an economic expense that your company may not be in the best moment to face, but the second is completely free and ensures greater long-term success.
  • Opportunity to attract more customers : stagnation in the number of customers is very common in local businesses, but taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the internet through content marketing, you will get new people to know your business and approach it .