Five appliances for healthy cooking

healthy cooking
healthy cooking

With the help of these appliances, cooking will be healthy and easy. Here are some small gadgets that will help us cook healthy and tasty dishes at the same time.

When you want to carry out a healthier diet, the first thing is to choose less processed and fresher foods. Going down to the traditional market instead of going to hypermarkets is a good start. It is also essential to organize yourself to prepare homemade menus. Preparations that require simple, healthy, fast techniques will make us use less fat in cooking.

Below, we show some utensils and small appliances that will make it easier for us to cook healthy and tasty dishes at the same time.

Silicone case for steam cooking

Both silicone cases and steamers made of this same material are a perfect and safe ally for cooking foods with less fat. The steam maximizes all its flavor, since it allows us to cook them without direct contact with water, thus concentrating all their properties without losing taste. With these containers we can cook all kinds of food at the same time (vegetables, chicken, fish…) so it helps us to optimize time and throughout the year . In addition, the silicone cases are also suitable for cooking en papillote (in the oven or in the microwave). In turn, they allow you to use this same case to store cooked food in the fridge.

Slow cooking pot

Cooking with this small appliance is very easy. It consists of a pot that closes hermetically and incorporates a device where we can program. Entering time and temperature we will cook a multitude of dishes autonomously for hours. This allows us to make healthy, tasty and cheap stews. In fact, cooking for long periods of time in a closed container allows the juices of meat, fish or vegetables to be concentrated. It is a way to minimize losses by evaporation and enhance its flavor.

air fryer

They are on everyone’s lips. There must be a reason. Its use allows you to cook any type of food. Potatoes, meat and fish or some vegetables will seem fried or battered, but using only a tablespoon of oil. This is possible since they work like a convection oven in which very hot air recirculates through the tray where the food is placed, allowing it to be tasty and crispy and saving up to 90% of oil.

spray oil sprayer

When a hypocaloric diet is carried out, it is recommended not to overdo the use of olive oil in cooking or dressings. For this reason, although it is true that olive oil is a healthy and beneficial fat, we can dose its consumption using oil sprays that will allow us to evenly spread a fair amount on salads or even on pans or griddles when we use it for cooking. . In addition, these sprays can also be used with vinaigrettes or other liquid dressings.

vegetable spiralizer

This utensil consists of a slot with a small blade and tiny holes that allow you to cut certain vegetables into spaghetti-like strips. There are those that work with a crank and other manuals in which we introduce the vegetable and turn it over as if it were a pencil sharpener. This makes it easy to “spiralize” zucchini, carrots, cucumbers or even apples so that they look like noodles and can be eaten raw, thus taking advantage of all their nutrients. In addition, this technique is a more attractive and healthy way of eating vegetables that can be useful to promote their consumption in children.

So far some interesting appliances that you can give yourself or give away to introduce new and healthy ways of preparing and handling food. You can find them in any online or specialized kitchenware store. Take advantage of them!

What can I cook that is healthy?

Now that you know the 5 small kitchen appliances that will help you cook healthier, you just need to know which foods are the best for a healthy diet. T