Foods rich in magnesium that you should include in your diet

magnesium rich in food
magnesium rich in food

The interest in foods rich in magnesium does not stop growing , it is something that I see more and more often because of my work in consultation and it is normal. Why? Because a good part of the population is interested in their health every day, and magnesium is key to maintaining it.

In fact, I leave you here our article entitled : Electrolytes, what they are and in what foods we find them. Where they talk to you, among others about magnesium. Very briefly, I anticipate that electrolytes such as magnesium, have a fundamental role in the nervous system, muscle, or to maintain a good water balance in the tissues.

However, magnesium is much more, and right away I’ll tell you why.

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Why choose foods with magnesium?

When we choose to consume foods rich in magnesium, we are providing our body with a vital mineral, and not only for its functions as an electrolyte. Magnesium is considered one of the nutrients with the most functions in the body. More than 300! And it is that in addition to what we have already told you, magnesium influences:

  1. bone health
  2. dental health
  3. psychological functions
  4. kidney function
  5. blood pressure
  6. Regulation of blood pH
  7. regulation of heart rhythm
  8. Protein and energy metabolism
  9. Active vitamin D synthesis
  10. immune functions

As you can see, the list is very extensive, therefore its deficit due to low consumption of foods with magnesium gives rise to multiple disorders. From tiredness, to constipation, through irritability, muscle spasms or weakness, numbness, heart irregularity, vitamin D deficiency , bone fragility, nausea…

You can also read about all this in this article from the MSD manual for professionals , the most prestigious international medical guide.

If we take into account that, according to various studies, it is estimated that in Spain, between 70 and 80% of the population do not eat enough foods rich in magnesium , we will realize how worrying the situation is. So from here we want to contribute to improve this data.

Food groups rich in magnesium

Among the foods that contain magnesium in a greater quantity, we find vegetables, and of course, as in general, the population consumes far fewer vegetables than those recommended… Well, then the problems come. Let us think that vegetables are the most nutritious food group, very rich in both minerals and vitamins.

Green leafy vegetables are precisely the most nutritious, and also very light in calories, so in a mostly sedentary society, they are a great alternative to include in our daily menus. I also talk about the importance of vegetables in the article

Within this group, but with its particularities, we have algae as foods rich in magnesium. They also contain abundant iodine and calcium, a mineral on which, frequently, we do not consume all that we should.

Finally, within the foods that contain magnesium in an outstanding proportion, are the seeds and nuts. Both are also rich in heart-healthy fats and fiber, two substances that are also consumed below what is recommended in Spain, and that can help a lot to mitigate very frequent health disorders. From constipation to hypercholesterolemia, is it worth incorporating them, right?

Finally, some molluscs are also rich in magnesium, in addition to zinc, essential for the immune system, or calcium, of which you are certainly aware of its advantages at the bone level. So adding them to your list of usual foods will be a great gift for your body.

Foods that contain magnesium

Within the groups of foods with magnesium, there are many, tasty, healthy and complete, so you can choose , but today we have to put the most outstanding ones. Let’s do it, you will see that they will be very easy to incorporate:

  • clams
  • Spinach
  • Chard
  • Borage
  • kale
  • Beet greens
  • Snails
  • brazil nuts
  • almonds
  • Sesame seeds
  • flax seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds
  • wakame seaweed
  • Irish moss algae
  • agar-agar seaweed

These are the most outstanding, but there are others, with a high content, although not so much, that you may find it very easy to include, and therefore are worth mentioning. Among them are avocado , cashew nuts or pure cocoa.

You can use the latter with milk, along with a sweetener, in case it is too intense for you, or in the form of dark chocolate.

foods with magnesium are almonds and dark chocolate

Other options to include magnesium, this time with your drinks, is to consume coffee or tea, as both have a very relevant amount. Or if you want to look for concentrated preparations, you have options such as wheat or rice bran, both very rich in fiber.

In the event that an analysis shows that your magnesium levels are low or at the limit, it may also be interesting to consume a supplement with magnesium, but always advised by a professional, as they may have their risks.

Unfortunately, there are many people who may need them, because beyond the diet we must take into account that processes such as stress consume a lot of magnesium, therefore, even with an adequate diet, we can be scarce.

Foods with magnesium and potassium

As magnesium and potassium have several functions in common, in which they complement each other with their activity, it is common to look for foods that contain both. Among the shared functions of these minerals, and which are especially important for health, we have:

  • nerve transmission
  • muscle function
  • cardiac function
  • kidney function
  • blood pressure

If we think that the main cause of death in the West is heart disease, and also the role that blood pressure plays in promoting it, we will realize that consuming foods rich in magnesium and potassium is essential.

Fortunately, nature makes it very easy for us in this regard, because most green leafy vegetables are foods with magnesium and potassium, in large quantities. So you can include all the sights for magnesium here, because they also have a lot of potassium: spinach, chard, borage, kale and beet greens.

Other foods rich in magnesium and potassium are clams, coffee and tea. Another option is to combine foods with magnesium in your diet, with others rich in potassium. In this sense, some very easy to include are papaya, cantaloupe, tomato, mushrooms, and romaine lettuce.

As you can see, consuming foods with magnesium, and also other minerals, is something very simple and that we should keep in mind every day. Do you dare to try it? Well, if so, try to always have this article at hand. Ah! And if you want to help other people to improve their diet, be sure to share this post. We want to spread health!