How To Choose The Right Social Media Channel For Influencer Marketing 2021?


Picking up the right platform for influencer marketing is precisely not everyone cups of tea. Especially when you know, there are multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more. The growing number of influencers on these socializing handles do affect your marketing budget.

Investing in the right marketer for the successful Influencer Marketing Campaign is indeed not a promise. Here in this article, we will be highlighting the fact to choose the right from the Best Social Media Platforms for Influencers and campaigns.

The Most Popular Influencer Marketing Platforms:

With the developed marketing strategies in 2021, picking the right is a priority over different social media platforms. Here below are some of the widely used social influencer channels.

1. Instagram:

After the launch of Instagram on October 6 2010, the ways to socialize online got a chance. Even the featured rich Insta is not at its peak for e-commerce to develop social advertising ways. Today approx 89% of online users are settled over Instagram for various reasons. For influencers, business insights, marketing, the use of Instagram is rising each day.

2. YouTube:

This precise platform is, ofcourse, now not part of the entertainment. Taking help to promote business services, product endorsement, and honest unboxing is a trend for many YouTubers. Entirely 70% of internet users are residing on YouTube.

3. Facebook:

This American social media platform, with millions of users worldwide, is outstanding even to help startups and businesses. The count might be lower than Instagram or Youtube but still, make Facebook a Best Social Media Platform For Influencers and marketers to rock differently. Over an estimated 45% of Influencer Marketing Campaigns runs on this channel.

4. Blogs:

Considerable part for Influencer Marketing Campaigns today with the percentile of 44% to help business to flourish directly or indirectly. The use of appropriate keywords, backlinking, and catchy content does give a chance to have better leads and increase sales.

5. Twitter:

Almost 33% of online business get traffic with Twitter. This lower percentage won’t make a huge difference when using other Best Social Media Platforms for Influencers. Hashtags, linking etc., are somewhat featured rich marketing strategies to be used by marketers on Twitter.

The Other Less Yet Important Social Media Platforms:

1. Pinterest:

Online business still in queue to make wise use of Pinterest. Only 15% of companies and entrepreneurs are using this channel.

2. LinkedIn:

Indeed, the professional approach site, yet still have minimum popularity. The social influencers with 19% only using it.

3. Snapchat:

Just 3% of influencers are over it. Needs to think over the use of Snapchat for marketing plans.


The Type of Content You Need For The Platform You Pick:


Obviously, you need to think about what kind of content is most visited and viewed over different social media platforms. Analysis over it before you start with investment Influencer Marketing Campaigns. A wrong decision for your business can ruin things in the way you never expected them to be.

Instagram: Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Instagram Video, IGTV.
Facebook: FacebookPost, Facebook Story, Facebook Video and Live.
YouTube: YouTube Video, Short, YouTube Live.
Twitter: Twitter Post and Video
Blogs: Blog Post
LinkedIn: LinkedIn Post, LinkedIn Video, LinkedIn Plus.

Final Verdict:

With Best Social Media Platforms for Influencers, choosing the right business is one of the biggest challenges. Even before you invest in recruiting influencers, the ideal is to draft Influencer Marketing Campaigns needs within your budget. Set your goals, make a professional approach to grow your business online with better traffic and presence.