How to create and join a WhatsApp group by link

join a WhatsApp group by link

WhatsApp is one of the applications that since its appearance, back in 2009, has been growing rapidly in active users. So much so that today we can be talking about more than 2,000 million active users.

This makes it a very powerful communication tool, and from which companies or entrepreneurs who have decided to work from home can benefit. As long as they comply with the data protection conditions.

They will receive it directly on their mobile phone, like a message from a family member or friend. And the opening and reading will be fast. Of course, as long as the message is adapted to the channel and does not contain too many characters.

So, what do you think if we see how to take better advantage of this communication tool? Next, we will explain how to generate WhatsApp links to massively invite a list of people.

WhatsApp group link: FAQs

Normally, when we create a WhatsApp group between family or friends, it does not exceed approximately 20 people and they are all in our contact list, so it is very easy to add them to it.

However, when it comes to a business that seeks to create a group with its clients or future clients to keep them informed of possible news or promotions, we are talking about hundreds of people who, moreover, are not on the agenda. Therefore, the task can become more tedious to manage and complete.

In these cases, generating WhatsApp group links to join is the best solution. You will only have to share it among those who you want to enter and that’s it. They will have to do the rest.

➽ How to find the link of a WhatsApp group?

And now you will be wondering how to find the link of a WhatsApp group to be able to share it with the invited people. It’s very simple, here’s the step by step:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone.
  2. Access the group you have created for your clients or future clients.
  3. Click on the name of the group to enter its settings.
  4. Navigate to the Participants section and tap on the “Group Invite Link” option.
  5. Choose how you want to share it.

If you have a database of the people you want to invite, the ideal would be to copy the WhatsApp group link and add it to an email communication, for example, so that it reaches everyone automatically.

This option for new entrepreneurs is highly recommended. The tool is free, unlike others used in digital communication, and it has a wide reach. They only have to worry about how much a web page costs to create it and add the link there.

➽ How to join a WhatsApp group by link?

If you decide to send the link by email to your contacts, something that could help them join would be to attach an explanation on how to join a WhatsApp group by link.

This can be in writing or video, although the latter option works best. Thus, if there are people on your list who find it difficult to deal with technological issues, you will be able to help them and prevent them from turning a deaf ear to your request due to the complexity that it may entail.

However, it is a very simple process. Interested people will only have to click on the link and they will automatically be in the group.

➽ How to generate the link of a WhatsApp group?

And finally, the process of creating or generating the WhatsApp link is similar to the one we saw in the first point. That is, the steps to find and create the WhatsApp group link are the same, unless you want to reset it for any reason.

If so, you will have to go to the group options again, click on “Invitation link” and touch the “Reset link” item. In this way, you will be creating a new link for your group.

This can be useful when the link has been lost or spread too widely and you don’t want certain people to click through. This way you will have, at all times, control over who enters the group through the WhatsApp link.

How to create the link of a WhatsApp group without being an administrator?

The only person who can create a group, manage it, configure it, and invite people is the administrator. The rest only have a participant role and nothing more.

To this day, the creators of WhatsApp have defined it that way. Perhaps in a few years we will find some feasible option.

So, how to create a WhatsApp group link without being an administrator? Directly there is no option, but if you want to send it to someone you can:

  • Ask the admin to generate the group link and send it to you.
  • Send him the contact of the person you want to invite so that he can add it.
  • Request to be an administrator of the group and be able to manage this type of activity.

Without a doubt, creating the WhatsApp link is one of the fastest and most effective ways to invite a list of people to a group.