How to hide Instagram stories in 2022

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories

Still wondering how to hide stories on Instagram ? Too easy. Among the privacy options of the social network, you will find a way to hide the stories so that all your followers or some in particular cannot see what you upload.

If you want to know how to prevent someone from seeing your stories on Instagram, in this guide we show you how to do it thanks to the settings panel. We also resolve some frequently asked questions regarding hiding stories.

In this article you will learn:

How to hide a story on Instagram: everything you need to know

Let’s see the methods to hide stories on Instagram that are still valid in 2022:

How to hide Instagram stories from everyone (except one)

Before we go any further, it’s important to make it clear that Instagram doesn’t offer a setting that makes it so that no one sees your stories . If you think about it carefully, having your stories locked to everyone goes against the grain of this feature.

What does make more sense is to block stories to all but one. You can choose who you want, even a very famous person. If you do, it’s like blocking stories from (almost) everyone, don’t you think?

Follow these steps:

  • Tap on the avatar of your account located in the lower right corner of the application.
  • Click on the three vertical lines to open the main Instagram menu.
  • Open the Best Friends section .
  • With the search engine, locate an account of someone who does not follow you. It is essential that you choose an account that has little chance of following you, such as that of a celebrity.
  • Go to the story editing area.
  • Design the story and before sharing it, tap on Best friends .
  • The story will be published only for your best friends. The green color that surrounds it confirms it.

While it is true that you have not hidden them from all your followers , there is little chance that the account you added to your list of best friends will enter your stories. Put into practice, it is as if no one sees them

How to hide stories from someone specific

In the event that your intention is to prevent a specific account from seeing the stories , whether it is a follower of yours or not, the process is much simpler. Why?

Because Instagram does allow you to prevent specific accounts from having access to this content.

To know how to hide stories from someone specific , follow these steps:

  • On your profile, tap on the three horizontal lines.
  • Click on Settings in the pop-up menu.
  • Access the Privacy area and then enter the History section .
  • Under the Hide history section , the count of accounts that cannot see your updates is shown. If you have not followed these steps previously, it is normal for 0 people to see the text .
  • Click on the people count and use the search engine to add accounts.

All accounts you add to this list will be banned from viewing the photos and videos you upload to stories. This includes the featured stories area that is displayed on the home screen of Instagram.

How to hide stories on Instagram from the web

Do you usually access Instagram from the PC? Which of the mentioned methods are available in the web version of the platform? As you have seen, what we have told you so far about hiding stories on Instagram is done from the mobile.

Preventing others from seeing your stories from the PC is not possible for a simple reason: Instagram does not allow you to update the story from a computer . In fact, in the account settings you don’t have the options mentioned in the previous sections either.

In short, this is everything that is not possible to do from the PC:

  • Set up the list of best friends . This functionality is vital for at least two of the processes mentioned.
  • Change privacy options for stories . Indispensable if what you want is to hide stories from someone in particular.
  • Post stories . As a consequence, you can’t just direct the updates you upload to your best friends either.

As an option in extremis , you can always use an Android emulator for PC . It is not the most comfortable, but it is the only possibility to hide stories from the computer.

How to hide Instagram story highlights

Featured stories are those that sit at the top of your profile. Although adding stories to this section prevents them from disappearing after 24 hours, you may find it best to hide Instagram highlights entirely. To what extent is it possible?

You have two possibilities in this regard:

  • Add specific accounts in the privacy section . Follow the steps in the How to hide stories from someone specific section . The effect it produces is the same with story highlights.
  • Delete them completely . We are aware that it is a drastic solution, but also an effective one. By doing so, you will prevent someone from gossiping in your highlights.

Hide stories on Instagram: frequently asked questions

We close the guide with the frequently asked questions that some people have regarding the process to hide stories on Instagram .

What happens when the story is hidden on Instagram?

The other users will not know the changes you have applied in the privacy of your account. Also, when you add or remove someone from your best friends list, Instagram doesn’t send a notification.
Keep in mind that someone might notice the changes if they stop seeing your updates overnight.

How to hide a story and not another?

The most advisable thing is that you take advantage of the list of best friends to do this. So you can publish your stories to the general public or to a set of specific accounts , depending on the content they include.

How to know if a person has hidden the stories from you?

It is true that Instagram does not reveal if someone hides content from you. However, we will tell you how to know if they hide stories from you on Instagram thanks to some tricks and clues.

How to unhide Instagram stories?

Unhiding Instagram stories is not possible. Although nothing prevents you from reposting the same content with other privacy settings.

How to hide the name of the filter, hashtags or music in Instagram stories?

There is no option to hide the filter name. However, since hashtags or music are stickers, you can make them as small as possible in order to make them unreadable.