How to Sell a Used Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet?

Microsoft Surface Pro

How to sell a used Microsoft Surface Pro tablet? It’s a smart question and one that can be answered in a number of ways. If you’re trying to sell a used tablet computer, you have a few options. Some people choose to let their old tablet go to good home, where it is properly cared for and may end up being restored. If this isn’t your option, you will need to consider online selling or classifieds.


Consider the purchase price. Think about what you would pay for a tablet of the same capabilities as the one you’re looking at. If you are looking for something more expensive, perhaps an iPad, there are many websites online that cater to those who are looking to spend big bucks. Take a look and see what sort of offers come up. There are literally thousands of potential places to sell your tablet.


One of the most popular ways to sell your tablet is to do so through an online auction site. Many people will choose to sell their device through such sites because they’re easy to access. They are quick to set up and you won’t have much to do besides list the item and watch the prices climb. You can also list how old it is and, with some, you may even get a better deal if you offer cash.


Other individuals will use classified ads in magazines or newspapers. These are also convenient options, but they aren’t always ideal. With classifieds, you will have to rely on word of mouth or referrals. These methods tend to be unreliable, as there is no way to verify the information you read. The chances of someone selling the same tablet you’re interested in are pretty slim. Lastly, online classifieds can be slow to load, which means you might not get the information in time to complete the sale.


If you’re more of a person who likes to go out and shop, browsing online auction websites is the way to go. These sites allow individuals to list their items for sale and have them receive bids from others. The price you pay for an item is based on the highest bidder, although you can also set the price to start at a low rate. Most online auctions will require payment upfront, but some will allow you to pay using a credit card. It’s a good idea to keep a backup of any files you use for payment.


If you prefer a more hands on method of selling, consider having a local event to take place where you can display and sell your tablet. A garage sale is a great option and you can still charge a reasonable price for the tablet. Consider setting up booths at local events such as craft shows and tech tradeshows. These events allow you to display your items and talk about why they are special.


Your last option for how to sell a used Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet involves simply mailing in the tablet. You can do this either at your business or at a local warehouse. Make sure you keep a packing slip with you so that no one else can ship the tablet and then return it damaged. This option will take longer and cost more money, but if you’re just looking to get rid of an old device then this may be the best option for you.


Knowing how to sell a used Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will help you make the best decision about selling your tablet. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure you are thoroughly informed about the process before you actually begin. Selling a used device can be tricky, but if you follow these simple tips it will be easier for you to get the most for your money.