Remove Distractions for Students During Online Classes


When a teacher or principal wants to get more out of their students, they should learn how to remove distractions from the classroom. This can be difficult since many students are naturally distracted and need plenty of attention in order to do well. However, there are many ways to distract students and still make them pay attention. This article provides several tips on doing just that.

It is best to have the students take a break between classes and allow them some down time. This will give them the opportunity to catch up on assignments and catch up on other things as well. However, students should not do this while they are taking an online class. Doing so can distract them from the focus on the assignment.

Distractions caused by roommates or family members can also distract students. Depending on the class size, there may not be enough time to discuss the distractions without bringing the discussion to a head or causing it to degenerate into a shouting match. This can easily cause the focus of the class to wander. To avoid this problem, the professor will usually assign someone to be her assistant. The assistant will listen and help the professor deal with distracting things in the class. Sometimes the professor will ask the assistant to repeat a point, and if necessary send the student to another area of the class for further discussion.

Technology can also distract students. Computer screens are very distracting and can cause the attention span of even the brightest students to dwindle. The Internet has too many distractions for people to ignore anymore. Some students find that they lose concentration after using the computer for a few minutes. While this is frustrating, there are ways to make using the computer in the classroom easier. For example, using multiple monitors will allow the professor to view everything on one screen, which makes it much easier to keep track of what the students are actually learning.

Technology can also be used to aid the professor in teaching. A visual aid is almost always effective at distracting students from concentrating on a boring or difficult concept. Using charts, graphs, or other types of illustrations can greatly assist the student in understanding the topic. Having a calculator next to an equation can also distract the student, but they can then use the calculator to solve the equation. Finding other ways for the students to learn or use the calculator is the best way to distract them while they are in the midst of learning online.

There are distractions everywhere we go. Many students are constantly looking at cell phones, televisions, and other items that provide little stimulation or enjoyment. If you are teaching an online class, you must teach the material using resources that do not distract the students. You must have strong sources of information that offer no distractions. It may seem difficult to eliminate all sources of information from the classroom, but you should try to make every resource relevant. This will make it easier for the students to focus on the material being taught and can help the professor as well.

Finally, it is important to be clear with your students about what to do if distracting activities interfere with their learning process. Students need to know when distractions will affect their learning and how to recognize the problem. It may take a discussion about what distracting activity is causing an issue and a gentle reminder from the teacher. For instance, if a student notes on a notebook that a classmate ate a firecracker and now feels nauseous, the students should know to report this to the teacher immediately. This situation requires quick action to keep the class in order.

The most important thing is to focus on the task at hand by teaching the material and allowing the students to focus on the lesson. Doing so will allow all distractions from coming into the classroom. Once distracted students no longer watch the teacher or chat with others in the class, but instead pay attention to the material being taught. Taking the necessary precautions to remove distractions for students during online classes will ensure that the class is more productive.