seo or social media marketing which should you focus on


When it comes to digital marketing, there are many options that work to boost sales and improve business positioning. We have for example paid advertising in search engines, paid advertising in social networks, organic positioning of the website in Google and there are also many ways to generate interaction through social platforms.

With so many alternatives available, it can be difficult to know which strategies are best for your business and how much time and money to spend on each one, however, the majority of the debate focuses on two types of well-known techniques: SEO strategy vs. SEO strategy. on social media, which one should businesses and marketers focus on for best results? In this article we will shed some light on it.0

What is SEO Strategy – Search Engine Optimization?

SEO strategy or search engine optimization refers to all the actions involved in optimizing the performance of a website to increase its search capacity. Its fundamental purpose is to improve the performance of the pages so that they appear higher in the search engine results pages (SERP) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others. 

Developing the SEO of a website is crucial to boosting traffic. Not only does it increase site visits, but it catches the attention of people browsing who are actively interested in making a purchase.  Investing in the SEO strategy makes the website more visible, which increases brand awareness, especially in front of that group of motivated customers who are already looking for your product or service. Therefore, betting on this type of strategy can have a great impact on the scope of sales, that is, a high return on investment (ROI).  

In addition, due to its ability to focus on the use of keywords, SEO can evolve and adapt according to popular user searches. As a company, you can research the most relevant search terms of the moment and, according to them, relate them to your brand’s products and incorporate them into descriptions, meta descriptions, blog articles, titles, etc. These keywords can go as far as allowing you to know what the market needs and create new products, or generate content that turns your site into a useful and reliable resource to find answers and then share them (ideally on social networks ).

Benefits of focusing efforts on the SEO strategy 

SEO is effective in converting users who visit your website into customers, but it can also offer other important advantages to the digital marketing of your company. Let’s take a look:

  1. Consult search engines is part of the purchase process of a large number of people due to this a good SEO generates more conversions than other marketing strategies
  2. Generate quality traffic to your website. 
  3. Improves the visibility of the business against other competitors. 
  4. Helps establish authority and gain trust.
  5. It allows to obtain reports and analysis to follow up on KPIs.
  6. There are tools – free and paid – to help manage different SEO processes
  7. Allows you to generate backlink strategies to increase authority

What is social media strategy?

Social media marketing strategy refers to the use of traditional and digital marketing approaches and principles on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others, allowing you to not only appear in search results on these platforms, but also interact with customers in various ways. 

Developing a presence on social networks is essential to have a constant flow of original content that allows participation and closeness with the audience, but also directs traffic to the business website. This component can be very beneficial as it plays a key role in increasing brand awareness, reputation and loyalty.

As in SEO strategy , social media marketing can be divided into organic and paid. Each of these plays an important role in introducing the brand to new users and both encourage users to become potential customers. There lies its importance; By investing in a social media strategy, you can increase conversations about your business, gaining approval through user feedback and increased sales through positive word of mouth.

Benefits of focusing efforts on social media strategy

Social media marketing requires strategy and creativity, and although it involves staying on top of many aspects, its importance cannot be denied. Here are some important benefits it can bring to your business: 

  1. Focuses on crucial goals like increasing brand awareness, increasing engagement, and increasing conversions
  2. Generate traffic to the website 
  3. Gives rise to a constant promotion of the brand 
  4. Define the ways in which the target audience can interact with your brand
  5. Allows collaboration with influencers and brands to increase reach
  6. Allows the use of strategies such as sample testimonials and positive experiences with the brand 
  7. It has clear key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor, such as engagement (comments, shares, likes).
  8. Generates connection and constant communication with the audience 

Differences between SEO and social media strategy

If we review in detail we will see that these two types of strategies differ in these important aspects:

  1. Objective : The SEO strategy seeks to obtain a higher position in the list of search engine results, while the social network strategy aims to generate online relationships through interaction with the audience.
  2. Type of content: In general, users who consult search engines usually do so with clear purchase intentions, so SEO focuses on providing information that effectively responds to their questions and searches to help them satisfy those needs in the most direct way possible. . This is achieved through content such as pages, blogs, infographics and articles. On the other hand, in social networks, users usually look for entertainment, inspiration and arouse consumption desires, therefore, the content must focus on producing emotion and links that generate commitment. In this type of platform, short audiovisual content with recommendations, behind the scenes, storytelling , etc., obtains good results.
  3. Speed ​​of results: SEO is a process that requires long-term effort, so its results may take a while to be visible, but the wait is worth it. Marketing in social networks, on the other hand, is much faster in showing its progress.
  4. Platforms: The SEO strategy requires working on a few search engines and mostly requires paying special attention to one in particular: Google. Social networks are diverse at this time and therefore, an integral presence in several must be worked on. The decision about which ones to use will depend on the audience, objectives and needs of the brand.

SEO strategy or social media marketing, which one to choose?

Very well, although it may be tempting to take sides and answer this question definitively, the truth is that the SEO strategy and social media marketing are not competitors. These are two completely different marketing techniques that can contribute together to achieve better results to generate visibility and web traffic. 

Their way of acting is different but their general purpose can contribute in the same direction and generate great joint success. Think of SEO as the foundation and structure of a house and social media as the finishes, details, and façade. Strong foundations will allow you to have a strong presence in search engines and help your brand to be visible and accessible at all times. Careful and pleasant finishes are what will give personality and confidence to your business and it is what at the end of the day will attract people to meet you and become a customer.

Ideally, neither SEO nor social networks exist without the complement of the other, in fact, if they are managed correctly, they should redirect each other, bringing traffic from social networks to the website and vice versa. For all of the above, the question should not be what strategy should I use? yes no How should I combine them to get the best of both?

If you need help to answer it with tangible results for your company, hiring a marketing agency may be the most effective option for your business. Specialists in search engine optimization and social media marketing will generate comprehensive methods to coordinate strategies in order to increase sales and expansion, attracting new customers and increasing brand awareness.