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TamilRockers Proxy
TamilRockers Proxy

Official TamilRockers Proxy To Unblock TamilRockers

All of us know that the Tamil rocker is now only available to those who wish to get the latest movies free. Sometimes, we have to deal with blocked websites of Tamil rockers by ISP’s.

Unblock Tamilrockers

What is Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is a website that allows users to download pirated content. The website was first created in 2011 and has slowly grown to reach all netizens. Tamil rockers is now the largest pirated content provider. Users can get pirated movies with one click.

Unblock Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers is present all over the world and operates with various servers. Some people are still unaware of their existence and operations. Although there is an ongoing discussion about banning the website because it violates content provider privacy policies, Tamilrockers have managed to change domain names immediately after the ISP blocked its access domains.

Why Tamilrockers is so popular?

Tamilrockers has been banned because it deals in pirated content. The government has banned all pirated content websites, and the ISP blocked the website. Today, there are many pirated movies on this website. Tamilrockers puts its pirated copy whenever there is a movie released.

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The ISP’s were directed to ban this website. They also took action to ban the domain where Tamilrockers content can be accessed. Within hours Tamilrockers has a new domain and gives access to the pirated content.

Tamilrockers’ operations even though it is illegal

Tamilrockers remains the largest pirated content provider, despite being banned by the Government and blocked from ISPs. This is due to the changing domain names used by Tamil rockers. There are also VPNs and proxy servers that can be used to block Tamil rockers.

Tamilrockers is present on many servers, so it can be found all over the world. Ethical hackers claim that the website won’t be banned completely because it changes its domains often.

Indian laws restrict pirated content. However, Tamilrockers is able to place the pirated content on its site and allow access to its millions.

What is the best way to access Tamilrockers even if it’s banned?

You can access Tamilrockers via proxy URLs or VPN.

  • Proxy is a proxy that allows access to the intended content without restriction and bypasses the network. There are both private and public proxy servers. Proxies allow you to access the internet with multiple IP addresses and hide your own IP address.
  • VPN – Virtual Private Networks, or VPN’s, allow you to access content without having to go through network restrictions. VPN allows you to connect from anywhere in the world. The best VPN for chrome connects quickly to remote servers if your content is blocked. There are both public and private VPN’s.

Please give us examples of VPNs and proxies that we can use to connect to Tamilrockers.

Proxy Websites: You can access restricted content from thousands of websites. These proxy websites hide your IP address and allow you to access restricted content with different IP addresses. Your identity online is therefore hidden. Proxy service providers are increasing in number, keeping in mind Internet traffic and other uses. The use of proxy services is becoming more common as technology advances.

There are many types of proxy available, including Transparent Proxy (anonymous proxy), Transparent Proxy (anonymous proxy), Distorting Proxy and High Authority Proxy.

Unblock Tamilrockers

Below are a few examples of proxy:

Proxy to unblock Tamil rockers

How to use proxies:

We now have a list of the most popular proxy websites. These websites can be accessed by following the four steps below.

Step 1: Simply click the URL provided above

Step 2: Enter the Tamilrockers blocked URL

Step3: Hit enter

Step4: Explore unlimited content without restrictions

Use VPN to unblock Tamil rockers



VPNs are also known as Virtual Private Networks. It is basically a secure connection that uses encryption. It conceals your IP address and allows you to use the internet with an auto-generated IP. Anywhere in the world you can connect. Most VPN service providers allow you to connect from any part of the world, as they provide access to all countries in which their servers are located.

VPNs create tunneling connections between points and transmit encrypted data.

Below are a few examples of VPN:

Touch VPN is a free VPN that can be used with Chrome, IE and Firefox extensions. Opera, among others, offers a VPN that allows you to securely connect to sites over the internet using their web browser.


We can now use Tamilrockers by using VPN’s and proxy’s to unblock it and browse the content from any location. We hope you enjoy our article. Thank you for taking the time to read it.