The 15 Safest Smartphones That Expose Your Mobile Phone to EMF

The 15 Safest Smartphones That Expose Your Mobile Phone to EMF

The 15 safest smartphones that expose your mobile phone to EMF – the iPhone and the newly launched device from a Chinese company, the Oppos Z3. Both handsets are highly touted as being the next smartphone giants. However, each one of these devices has something different to offer. So, it is time to take a closer look at each device and try and determine what sets it apart from its peers.

The iPhone is arguably one of the most impressive gadgets you will ever own. It is sleek, it is compact, it has powerful hardware – and it emits radiation. Is this excessive? Let us put it to the test. We will find out below. First, let us look at the iPhone .

The iPhone has a dual camera set-up. This is a first. Many mobile phones have only one camera. While it is good for taking high quality pictures, it is also prone to low light and poor image reproduction. On the other hand, the Oppos Z3 has two cameras. One is designed to take better high-quality pictures while the other can automatically switch between the two.

When it comes to sound, there are two types of mobile phones you should know about. The first is the iPhone, which comes equipped with two microphones. The second is the Windows Mobile Eclair which unfortunately does not come equipped with two microphones. However, it has a single earphone.

When it comes to video, the iPhone has been compared to the Amazon Kindle because it has video playback features. However, neither the Kindle nor the iPhone can take HD videos. The iPhone’s advantage over these two gadgets lies in its clearer pictures. The other phones, on the other hand, are more vulnerable to harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Do you know that you should turn off the alarm feature on your cell phone when you leave your home? Most of us do not. In fact, this is one of the most common mistakes made by smartphone users. When you leave your house, it may be 10am and you have just arrived in work. Or maybe it’s 3am and you left your home to take a test at your university. You really don’t need to leave the alarms on because they could be emitting harmful radiation which could greatly affect your health.

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to look for products which are certified safe for the environment. It’s no different with mobile phones. Just because a smartphone is small doesn’t mean it’s not as vulnerable to harmful substances. The iPhone and many other cell phones emit hazardous emissions. This is why it’s important to avoid using them if you don’t want to harm yourself and the environment.

The list of smartphone manufacturers continues to increase. It may be too much for you to take in. However, it is important to know that most of these manufacturers are working hard to improve their products especially when it comes to user safety. So remember, the 15 smartphones that emit the most radiation must be avoided at all costs.

You might think that cell phones are fine. But think again. Take note that cell phones have the tendency to absorb energy from its surrounding. The cell phone batteries are particularly vulnerable to the high ambient radiation given off by wireless communication devices. The internal components of the cell phone can also be damaged. The damages caused by the cell phone to itself can lead to cancer and tumors.

Phones that use Android as their operating system are known to be more susceptible to electromagnetic frequency (EMF) emissions. Most devices that use this operating system are marketed to the kids and young adults. They are advertised as cheap devices but the truth is, these phones are more dangerous than cell phones which use Apple’s iOS operating system. The latter is a lot safer. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable smartphone, I would suggest you go for an iPhone or an Android.

The 15 most dangerous smartphones that emit the most electromagnetic frequencies are the Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Apple, Sony Ericsson, Windows Mobile, Sharp, Opco, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and orange. These are only a few of them. These are the smartphone brands which you should steer clear of. If you use these phones, you will be subjected to all of these electromagnetic frequencies.

Your mobile phone is not safe unless you keep it away from the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones. The electromagnetic frequencies emitted by these mobile phones will affect your health and cause cancer. Hence, make sure you do not allow anyone to touch your phones.