The 5 best sites to buy web domains in 2022

web domains
web domains

If you are thinking of opening a new website for your business, launching a blog to share topics of interest with the world, creating a portfolio of your services, or opening a site to monetize it with advertising, the first step of all will be to buy a web domain. .

There are different reasons why you may need one, but in any case it is essential to activate your project. But… where is it possible to buy a web domain? We will see it next!

Where to buy a web domain?

A domain is the name that identifies or represents a website on the Internet. That is, it is the URL that we enter in the browser and that takes us to a site. Therefore, when buying one, some doubts are likely to arise.

Among some of the most common, you can ask yourself questions such as; Which one do I buy? What happens if the one I’m interested in isn’t available? Is it better to use .com, . es or another extension?, where to buy a domain?…

We are going to stay with the latter, and try to answer it through the following list. Below, you will find 5 of the best sites for buying domains.


In addition to being a site where you can buy a web domain, this company offers complementary services such as solutions to create a web page or an ecommerce, hosting, SEO tools, mail hosting and access to the cloud for companies.

With over 30 years in business and 12 million managed domains, IONOS has become the best place to buy a domain for several reasons:

  • Offers security . Your data will always be protected, they are certified in ISO 27001.
  • It has 24/7 assistance . In addition to a personal advisor who will help you closely.
  • It is transparent . They show their prices without small print on the web, so you can decide if it’s for you.
  • Give guarantees. The contract includes a 30-day guarantee in which, if you are not satisfied, you can cancel it.
  • Provides a very good knowledge base . If you have doubts when buying a domain, you can access their guides to solve them.

2) Godaddy

Another site that you can visit if you are thinking of buying a domain on the internet is GoDaddy. It is quite popular, just like the previous one, although the price this time is perhaps somewhat higher.

It also offers additional solutions such as web hosting. However, if you want to contract hosting with another company, you can easily transfer your domain by changing the DNS to point to the host you want to work with.

Anything to highlight? If you opt for the WordPress CMS, you will enjoy countless templates to give your site a professional appearance.

3) NameCheap

In the event that one of your great unknowns is which domain name to choose, we recommend that you go to the search engine offered by NameCheap.

This one includes a bulk search option, which allows you to search for several domain names at the same time, approximately 50. Like the previous alternatives, it also offers web hosting service, but only for WordPress.

4) Sered

The fourth place to buy a domain that we want to show you is Sered, a Spanish company, specifically Galician, that has been offering this type of solutions since 2009.

The price of the domains is quite affordable and, in addition, they have tri-channel support: telephone, email and chat. The latter is the main characteristic for which they stand out and for which they have earned a place on this list.

5) Bluehost

Finally, this site for buying domains is popular for the possibility of starting with a free domain. But obviously this is not the most convenient if you want to launch a professional project.

Free domains usually have extensions or parameters that lengthen the URL and even make it unrecognizable. Perhaps it is an option to test before buying a web domain, but not the most recommended way to create a company website, a blog or an online portfolio.