The best free logo maker 2022


Design, like other areas of marketing or branding, requires specific knowledge to choose colors, shapes, fonts and images, as well as ensuring that the final result is of quality to convey brand values.

However, we are also facing a process that requires an investment that not all businesses can make at certain times. That is why the use of apps to design logos is proposed, especially those free ones that allow us to develop creativity with the help of templates and sources of inspiration.

Below we list some of them. We will focus on app to design logos online, from PC and from iPad.

App to design free logos

Despite the fact that, a priori, the ideal would be to hire a professional in graphic design of logos for this type of responsibilities, we are going to comment on some of the tools that are on the market for this purpose.

Along with other icon making tools , these apps are mostly easy to use and intended for those who are just taking their first steps. Of course, being free, they have some limitations.

➽ App to design logos online

In this section, if there is a tool that wins par excellence, it is Canva. It allows us to create professional logos from predesigned templates, without having to try combinations of colors, shapes or fonts. Also:

  • You can choose the logo that you like the most and in a few clicks change the name of the business for yours, or the colors that it brings by default for those of your brand.
  • It is possible to download them without a watermark. At least those that are free. If you choose one that contains a pro element, you will have to pay for it. But the catalog is so extensive that it will not be necessary.
  • On the other hand, if you want to make a creation from scratch, you can also do it with this app to design logos online. Just pick a blank canvas and get to work.
As a curiosity, this logo design app is available in a web version, to work from a PC, and in a mobile version, to do it from Android and iOS devices.

➽ App to design logos on PC

If you like to work from your computer, you can use some of the apps to design logos on pc that exist. For example:

  • Logo Genie. This first application promises to create logos in just three steps. It has some templates to choose from to start your design, then you will have to customize it and, finally, download it in high resolution. It also has a paid version.
  • LogoMaker. This app to design free logos is similar to the previous one. You can enjoy its free options or expand functionalities with one of its payment plans.
  • Logosea. With this tool you will not need to register to start designing. You can easily choose one of the templates it offers and customize it with your company name and corporate colors.

➽ App to design logos on iPad

As I’m sure you already know, the iOS application market sometimes differs from the one we can find for Android. This time we are going to focus on the first one and we are going to share several apps to design logos on iPad and iPhone that offer good results.

  • AI Logo Generator . This app has a guided process that allows you to create personalized logos with the name of your company. It is also possible to change the colors and other elements. When finished, your design will even be available in a transparent version, so you can use it anywhere.
  • InstallLogo. It presents a wide library of logos among which to find your perfect inspiration. In addition, it integrates with the gallery of your device to use any image you have saved. It has a high degree of customization.
  • Watercolour. Finally, this iOS logo design app is similar to the previous ones, offering the possibility of choosing between textures and watercolor illustrations to give your creation an elegant touch.

Design your logo with an app like the ones we have discussed here and you will get professional results without investing in a designer. However, we again recommend investing in this type of expert when you have the necessary resources.