The Excellent Designs Considerations on Discount Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

When you want to design your bathroom to give it newness one of the important things that you need to think about is the design of the vanity unit and its colour scheme. Choosing the perfect colour for a bathroom is crucial when you want to achieve a certain look and feel. With respect to bathroom designs, everyone wants to introduce bathroom vanity cabinets that work around the given space while complementing the rest of the area and its interior accents.

Here we will speak about some bathroom vanity trends that are currently working around.

Neutral is in

Over the years we have seen how people have been increasingly showing their interest in white or neutral shades. Especially when it comes to bathroom décor neutral is what adds to the appeal of the overall space. In recent years we are witnessing the use of neutral discount bathroom vanities. Other than its clean looks, neutral wholesale bathroom vanities offer the minimalist appeal. These beautiful features can easily be paired with textured and contrasting tiles on walls. If you want to enjoy a welcoming feel as you wake up from the bed and head straight to the bathroom to get refreshed, get a neutral shaded vanity. It is the first thing you willrequire to add into the space.

Morning showers turn more relaxing in a well-designed bathroom; and a beautiful neutral shaded vanity is all you will need to up the style of the space. You can draw a contrast by pairing the neutral countertop with a vanity in dark wood.

Believe it or not this fantastic contrast will soon become a central attraction with its neutral countertop. If you want to use a fully neutral vanity, contrast the floor or walls with darker shades to easily convey the beautiful bathroom design idea.


Today, its no secret that grey bathrooms are trending in mostly everywhere. The grey discount cabinets are most sought-after by house owners who like to keep their bathroom stylish and classy. When it comes to accessorising a grey bathroom space, you can choose between grey bathroom vanity cabinets in either matte or glossy finish.  Visit GEC Cabinet Depot to explore the rich and elegant style in wholesale cabinet collection. Basically, the colour is most sought-after and is popularly chosen over others because of its versatility. Grey discount vanity cabinets reveal a richness which is unapparelled. Unlike other colors, the grey cabinets are extremely versatile. They are meant to stay in coming years.

Scandinavian bathroom trends

Home interior design couldn’t have been more beautiful than this. As the Scandinavian bathrooms have arrived giving people a reason to adore their wet space more than ever, most bathroom vanity wholesalers are seen rolling out new designs for bathroom vanities meant to suit such minimalistic appeal. The Scandinavian bathroom trend is about crisp looks in neutral shades, embracing wall hung cabinets and fixtures. White and beige are the ruling colours here. Other than wall hung elements, the Scandinavian design effortlessly embraces simplistic freestanding vanities with uncomplicated designs. The Scandinavian bathroom style flaunts tones in pure white and beige. Its uncluttered appeal gives the bathroom a cleaner look. To add in a pop of colour you can introduce some green potted plants. Also, you may consider adding in pure wood and luxurious vanity cabinets underneath a perfectly white countertop.

Picking the right vanity under the basin unit

While picking a wholesale cabinet you should remember one thing “there is no one size fits all” concept here. Bathrooms come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. So, you can’t probably pick something of a different finish and size and end up watching yourself wasting money. When it comes to choosing discount cabinets for your bathroom consider the finish, style and size of your bathroom. Based on these factors you can explore the manifold options available on bathroom vanity cabinets and accessories available nowadays. Other than these, consider the counter space you will need for makeup or freshening up in the bathroom and the amount of storage you require for the vanity to keep your linens and essentials stored.