Travel with children and make it enjoyable

Travel with children

Traveling with children is intense. Having everything organized and leaving little room for improvisation can make it easier for us. We give you some ideas to enjoy a well-deserved vacation with the little ones.

make lists

In order not to leave anything important, it is very interesting to make a list with everything you need. From changes, toiletry bag or diapers. It is a way to economize and not overload the suitcases, adding only what is necessary and useful for vacation days.

Choose an accommodation where families are welcome

The type of accommodation will depend on the preferences. Before booking it is important to make sure that the place of accommodation is designed to go as a family, where children are welcome and we can have a cot or high chair in case we need it.
If the place offers family activities or clubs for the little ones, it can be an interesting point to plan the days and even be able to keep the children entertained and make some adult plans.

travel and covid 19

age appropriate destination

Choosing a place where the little ones can enjoy without putting them at risk and with appropriate plans for their age is very important. Very young children who are already walking (and not in a stroller) do not usually walk very long distances and are bored by cultural activities, such as guided tours or museums, unless they are specifically designed for them. Beach or mountain places, where enjoying nature is the first option and everything is relatively close, are the destinations where going with the family is feasible. Exclusively cultural destinations or routes with long walks or that combine many means of transport can be exhausting for children and unattractive.

Means of transport

The best way to travel with small children is the car, especially if they are very young, since they need many things: stroller, safety seat, etc. and allows us to transport everything. Although it is not so comfortable, it is also possible to travel by plane or boat. We only have to reserve the seats according to the needs of the child (for example, requesting a cot on plane trips) and opt for pushchairs that fit folded in the cabin. After all, nothing is impossible and airlines and shipping companies are very accustomed to welcoming small travelers with delight.

entertaining trips

Whatever the transportation option, if it involves many hours, we must bring games or entertainment to prevent them from getting bored or irritable. Board games, movies, colors and notebooks are the best options.

Travel without dizziness

Motion sickness or dizziness related to traveling by car or boat is very common in children. Having some strategies to avoid them is important.

  •  Despite trying to avoid them, they can still happen, so you have to be careful and carry bags, wipes and spare clothes.
  •  If you travel by car, make frequent stops so that the children can stretch their legs and so that the driver can rest, in this way driving will be much safer and the trip more pleasant.
  •  Driving smoothly, avoiding routes with many curves and ventilating the vehicle well, reaching temperatures of 21 or 23ºC, rather cool, can help.
  •  Travel during the first hours of the morning or at night to avoid the hottest hours and make it easier for children to spend the trip sleeping.
  •  If we travel with a single child, the best place to avoid dizziness is the rear center seat, since looking forward is a good antidote against dizziness and from this position you will be able to see the landscape throughout the journey.
  •  Avoiding screens while traveling is a good resource. At the slightest hint of motion sickness, opening the window and closing your eyes can help, although not all children find this helpful. The ideal would be to get them to sleep.
  •  Smelling a citrus essential oil like lemon or tangerine can help relax your child. If with all the measures the dizziness does not pass, it is best to stop, give him some air and help him recover.


During the holidays we leave our house and go to unknown territory, so it is important to maximize safety and keep an eye on children.

take some of his stuff

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