Types Of Stairs To Renovate Your Home

interior stairs
interior stairs

The stairs of a house, as it happens with the corridors or the entrance, are an essential passage area that can make the difference between having a house with its own personality or not. If we are the ones who design our own home, it is very important that we take into account where the internal staircase is going to be located and what style we want to give it. Discover through this article the elegance of interior stairs and their types. 

The experts in reforms and interior design at construction solutions with whom we usually work, highlight the importance of paying attention when decorating the stairs at home, since we can get a lot out of this space , even taking advantage of it for other very practical uses. 

If we need to give more life to the stairs of our house and we are not sure how to do it, we present below various possibilities that will make the staircase become another space in the home and not just a passageway. 

Types of interior stairs for a home

As we have just said, although the design of the interior staircase is usually determined by the space we have available, on some occasions we can choose the type of staircase to install in our home. Let’s see below the most important types of interior stairs that exist today: 

  • Straight stair. It is the type that is most often used since we do not have to make any turns, being ideal to go up to the main floor. It is very easy to install since it is usually closed or attached to a single wall or two walls. In this type of interior staircase we find both handrails and railings in the parts where there is no wall.
    Straight staircase
    Straight staircase


  • Round trip ladder. It has a central landing in the middle part of the stairs to be able to turn to one side of the house. It is usually closed or attached to a wall and the other side closed with a railing, or closed by two walls.
  • L-shaped staircase. It consists of a straight section that ends in a landing and is then followed by another straight section placed transversely to the first section. 
  • U-shaped staircase. Formed by an initial straight section, which ends in a landing, then followed by a second section that ends with another landing, ending with a third straight section, so the shape of these stairs is rectangular. It resembles spiral stairs, but the amplitude of this type of stairs is much greater.

     U-shaped staircase
    U-shaped staircase
  • Spiral staircase. Formed by a circular shape and without having any type of landing. This type of ladder is usually used for very small spaces or where we have to gain a lot of height in a small space. In this case, the entire staircase has a railing and a handrail. 
  • Imperial Staircase. It needs a lot of space for its installation and is usually used for the entrances of very large houses, since it usually has two straight stairs leading up to a landing where they communicate and then another straight section in the opposite direction. 
  • Offset ladder. It is a fusion between a spiral staircase and an L-shaped staircase. It has an almost circular shape but is much more open than a spiral staircase and does not have any landings. In this case, the rungs gradually change position making the turn. 

Tips for decorating stairs

Tips to decorate the staircase at home


Lighting is a fundamental aspect when decorating an interior staircase . If possible, natural lighting is the best option , using windows that let in light from the outside and to which we can even add curtains and window frames that constitute a decorative object in themselves. But if this is not the case in your home, and you do not have natural light on the stairs, you can always resort to spotlights placed in strategic places so that there is no point of darkness on your stairs. If you wish, you can even add pretty ceiling lamps or floor lamps on the landing of the stairs, to give it a more personal touch. 


The decoration with mosaic pictures on the stairs gives the space great warmth and personality . You can make a beautiful mosaic by choosing different frames, mixing colours, shapes and sizes and adding photographs, sheets or the images that you like the most. In this way we turn the staircase into a most original art gallery. 


A curious use that we can give to our staircase is to place shelves with books . We can put floor to ceiling shelves, corner shelves, etc. In them, in addition to books, we can place other decorative objects, or even household objects that we need to always have at hand, taking advantage of the space with drawers or closed doors. 

Painted paper

One way to achieve a more original look when decorating the stairs at home, if we do not have too much space to add other decorative elements, is to paint the walls of the stairs in the tones that we like the most , highlighting the areas that we prefer, even using lighting to create very nice optical illusions. 

But to change the decoration of the stairs with the minimum of effort, we can resort to wallpaper. In this way we can update the decoration whenever we want, just by removing the old paper and putting a new one. 

decorated steps

We can decorate the steps by adding super original details. From carpets that cover the entire floor, to lining the steps with some type of wood or special tiles, to painting the horizontal part of the step with original details that make your stairs a unique work of art. 

As a summary, we would say that there are various options regarding types of interior stairs, so before opting for a certain type or another, it is convenient to take into account a series of aspects that will help us make the right choice. Above all, depending on the space we have available and the type of decoration of our home, it will be more interesting to opt for a certain type of interior staircase than another. In addition, there are endless decoration possibilities to give a unique and very special touch to the stairs of our home.