5 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Blog for FREE

Organic Traffic
Organic Traffic

Let’s be honest, who does not like to have more and more organic traffic on a website?  No matter how many monthly visitors you have on your blog, you still want more.

This is obvious, and it is that increasing the visits of your blog means more opportunities to build relationships, generate clients and most importantly, earn money.

All this sounds good, you have to generate more and more organic traffic to the blog, but how to do it?

On the internet you will find many tips to increase your blog visits , but the problem with most of these tips is that they cost money or are simply outdated and ineffective.

Surely you have seen many bloggers defend the concept of “ writing for humans ” and not for search engines. 

Certainly we also think the same, but we also believe that we should write for Google .

In recent years, Google has been making changes to its algorithms in order to make its search engine offer more natural results and be easier to use.

SEO is no longer what it once was a long time ago, today you cannot create articles full of keywords left and right, create dodgy backlinks and wait to rank in Google for a long time .

Things have changed, so in a way, when writing for humans we are writing for Google, because to rank on Google we need to offer natural and relevant content, just as we have to present it to humans.

But this does not end here, it is still necessary to use smart tactics, based on Google’s recommendations , to beat the competition and stay with the first Google results.

Now, with all that in mind, the next time you write an article, focus on using long tail keywords , why? Because they are relevant and above all natural keywords.

Let’s take an example:
A classic keyword would be “web design”, and a long tail keyword would be “web design agencies Barcelona”, in this case the second keyword, in addition to being long tail and relevant (highly sought after), is natural because that is how we humans speak.

I can’t imagine someone talking to another person saying “Increase organic traffic” instead of “generate organic traffic for my website” or “boost traffic for my website”, do you notice the difference?

Finding long tail keywords to increase organic traffic

There are several ways to find them, today I will share one of the best. Sign in to your Google Search Console account and select Search Results.

In “ Search Results ” you will find a list of keywords that are sending traffic to your blog, along with an average number of clicks for each keyword, you just have to choose a word from the list.

Search for that keyword in Google, there you will see several long tail keywords that you can use.

Even though these keywords are not as competitive as the main keyword, they are used by people to search on google .

That is why Google shows them and they are closely related, so you can get a good percentage of the traffic .

Create long and deep articles

Another way to attract more traffic to your blog and also generate social shares is to create long articles that are very deep and detailed .

There is a clear consensus that articles containing more than 2,000 words rank better in Google than those with 1,500 or less.

Very long articles also tend to get a lot more social shares , so that’s a clear sign that readers prefer long, in-depth articles more.

Generate long texts to improve organic traffic

With that said, I hope you are very clear that you need to create long and in-depth articles to increase your blog traffic.

So the next time you are writing a 1,000 – 1,200 word article, make an effort to get to at least 2,000 words , using more examples, statistics, infographics, case studies, etc.

eye! Do not add words just to add, make sure that everything you put in your article offers value to your readers.

Improve your already published articles and re-promote them

We usually focus too much on creating new articles  to continue generating traffic, but completely ignore existing content on the blog.

Every article on your blog, regardless of its age, is an asset and you can use it to drive more traffic and increase conversions.

Use already published articles to generate more organic traffic on your blog

What you have to do is generate a list of your blog articles that continue to generate medium or high traffic to improve them, that is, to add more content to the article.

You could perhaps do a statistics update, add a case study or directly place a call to action to generate subscribers to your blog (if you are looking to increase your list of subscribers) .

Whatever it is, remember that the content you are going to add must add value to your readers.

In short, it turns your normal article into a super article, longer and deeper. 

Think that if your article as it is already generates visits to your blog, by improving it and adding more valuable content for your readers, the visits will increase even more.

The use of Rich Snippets

The enriched fragments or also called Rich Snippets will make us better enhance our results in the SERP giving more information to users. 


Every blog needs high average traffic to survive and grow. But you don’t always need to create a new article (which by the way is more difficult than updating an existing one) or spend money to increase organic traffic to your blog .