Why do we need Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

There has been a lot of discussion in the last decade about artificial intelligent computers and their role in society. Many fear that human-like computers will take over the power of computers and make people redundant. Others are worried about the rights of those who will be displaced or abused by such computers. Is the introduction of artificially intelligent computers in our society a positive or negative step? Why do we need artificial intelligence?

It seems that there is an answer to this question, but it is more of a question of what we want and how much time will our species have to adapt to new technology. We already have computers that can process language, recognize images and can beat the human brain in chess. Will humans become obsolete when artificially intelligent computers with more advanced capabilities come online in the next decade? And if so, how will we cope with these technologically superior beings? These are important questions and deserve some careful consideration.

One of the concerns I have is that human interaction will decrease as computers and artificial intelligence become more powerful. Some worry that humans will be replaced by artificially intelligent robots. This is obviously a frightening thought. How will our culture and way of life be changed by artificially intelligent machines? Will our values and way of life change along with our replacing the brain with a machine?

There are a few reasons why we need artificial intelligence. For one thing, computers and AIs will provide us with information that was formerly only available to white collar and upper class citizens. They will be able to handle more data and work much faster than any human can. The Internet and World Wide Web have made it possible for anyone to outsource a lot of their tasks, freeing them up for more productive work. Additionally, self-driving cars will allow us to take more risks, creating a much more exciting driving experience. It will also make traffic much less congested, something we all take for granted in today’s busy world.

Another reason we need artificial intelligence is because they will free up the labor force. Today, most every job is tied down to a computer or a similar device. If you have a job that involves sitting at a desk, staring at a computer, then you are spending a great deal of your time in front of a computer screen. While this helps to keep our labor force busy, it is also keeping most of them from experiencing real life. By outsourcing many of these tasks to AIs, you are free to pursue other endeavors.

Finally, artificially intelligent computers will help us to communicate much more effectively. We are not natural enough to write or to talk to another person, let alone understand them. Computers have largely replaced all forms of human interaction, except through highly-intimate forms such as writing letters and emails. AI is quickly replacing the need for personal assistants, as well, freeing up the workforce to help those in need. The use of AIs in customer care and in customer service will soon free up even more of the workforce to help those in need.

The final reason we need artificially intelligent robotic assistance is because they can help us take care of each other. Right now, many of our family members are living away from home. They may be ill, elderly, injured, or simply too old to work. However, thanks to artificially intelligent androids, who can cook, clean, and care for our families in our absence? This is only the beginning, as more artificially intelligent robotic androids with different characteristics are developed over the next few decades.

So, which is the reason we need artificial intelligence? Is it because the world is getting too complex for humans to handle? Is it because we’re missing out on interactions with other people that really could change the way we live? Or is it all about the fact that artificially intelligent robots will help us become more efficient and productive at work?