Will Your Work Be Automated Before?

Will Your Work Be Automated Before?
Will Your Work Be Automated Before?

It’s a thought: Will your work be automated before 2030? That’s a scary question because the only way of avoiding that scenario is to be very aware of what’s going on in the market today, and how technology is developing. If you’re working in an industry like the Oil & Gas, then the answer will be yes. The more oil and gas we find, the easier it will be to extract oil from the ground and make money from it. In a society like Australia, the demand for oil and gas will probably be growing substantially in the next few decades, which means that we may well have to find new ways of extracting oil from the ground.

The great thing about robotics is that it allows us to do things differently than we would have ever been able to previously. Think about all the tasks that are currently being outsourced. For example, many companies are now using a system called Efficient Operational Maintenance System or EOMS to schedule and run their operations more efficiently. A robotic system like EOMS basically takes over the routine operations of an organization and makes sure that nothing is getting done, which isn’t absolutely necessary. Now think about all the manual tasks that humans used to perform which wasn’t only time consuming but also very monotonous.

How about supermarkets? How do they manage without sales staff? Simple; by using a sophisticated robotic system called Stock Eliminator. This robot goes round the storerooms looking for items which aren’t being stocked. When it finds the wrong product, it then plays a sound, alerts a staff member and it removes the product from sale.

So you can see, robots and automation will work hand-in-hand to improve the efficiency with which businesses operate. Of course, this is only one example of technology that will allow people to be taken out of the loop, freeing them up to do other things. There are many other examples of technologies which could see people working less, not longer or even doing their work from a different location altogether.

Will your work be automated before is still something to ponder upon. It will be interesting to see where this takes us in the future. Will there be robots that can look after our homes and gardens? Will there be robots that can look after our pets? These are the kinds of questions we can only speculate on, but it seems likely that we will soon be seeing these kinds of robots, with human assistance, at least in some areas.

Will your work be automated before then is going to depend on how much money we are willing to spend on these robotic advancements. Will they be affordable for most people? Will people be willing to shell out large amounts of money to purchase such machines? Will they be willing to wait for so long before these inventions become available. Time is a very big factor here; if we want robots to do work, then we are going to have to find the time to make them work.

Will your work be automated before then is also dependent upon how far away future artificially intelligent robots will be from Earth. Will humans have a way to send robotic expeditions to Mars and the moon? Will our species have advanced to the point where we are able to live on the stars? All these questions have been answered by science fiction writers and movie producers, but as of yet, man has no way to actually bring them into reality.

Will your work be automated before then? The answer may surprise you. It’s possible that by the time you finish reading this article, there will already be robotic automobiles, self-propelled cars, and even robotic doctors which are able to diagnose the disease in a way that is simple and intuitive to the human brain. All of these incredible inventions will be the product of science and technology and will change the way we do business and the way we live.