Top 10 YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android Without Watermark

Video Downloader Apps
Video Downloader Apps

There are plenty of video downloaders available on Google Play Store` however, they’re not all able to download YouTube videos with no watermarks. If you’re searching for an YouTube downloading app for Android that doesn’t include watermarks to your downloads, these are the top 10 choices for 2022

Smartphones are now an integral element in our daily lives. They’re used for everything from shopping to connecting with friends. Another aspect we use our phones to do is watch videos. There are tons of excellent videos on the internet however, what do you do if you want to stream them without internet connection or without bothersome watermarks? Here, we’ll present to you the most popular 10 YouTube video downloaders on Android with no watermark. Continue reading to learn more!

Best 10 YouTube video downloader apps for Android Without Watermark

Here are 10 of the best YouTube downloaders available for Android which don’t include watermarks on your downloads. They’re all completely free of extra charges. They all have high reviews on the shopping-oriented of the Play Store. Try one of these downloaders and let us let us know which one you love the best.

1. Videoder



Videoder is among the most effective YouTube downloading apps for Android which can save videos with no watermarks. It is a simple and user-friendly interface that includes all the features you require for downloading videos off YouTube. It’s also absolutely free with no extra charges. It’s also possible to find the application on our site through on this hyperlink.




  • Download videos with no watermarks
  • A clean and user-friendly interface
  • Download videos in various resolutions
  • Free to use and no hidden costs

2. Snaptube



Are you looking for a method to download your most loved YouTube videos without watermarks? Check out Snaptube! The app was specifically created for Android devices. It provides an easy and convenient method to download any YouTube video that does not have a watermark.

Snaptube is simple to use. Just type in an URL to the file you want to download, and the application will do the work. Within a few seconds, you’ll get the video downloaded to your device so that you can enjoy it at any time and anywhere. In addition, thanks to the advancement of technologies, it’s possible to save videos to your device with HD quality! Snaptube supports more than 50 websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, WhatsApp, etc. It lets you download videos for free from your most popular sites.


  • Download videos with no watermarks
  • User-friendly and clean interface
  • Features to download YouTube videos YouTube
  • Free to use

3. InsTube

YouTube is among the top platforms to download videos, and has more than one billion users. There are some limitations on downloads of YouTube videos YouTube. InsTube is an Android app which allows users download YouTube videos YouTube without watermarks. It is simple to use and allows users save their favourite videos offline. It also comes with built-in video players that allows users to stream videos even without having an connection to the internet connection. More than 100 websites are available to download music and videos via InsTube.


  • It is easy to download videos from YouTube without watermarks
  • Download videos offline and play them on the built-in video player.
  • Save your most loved videos offline to view in the future.
  • Easy to use and quick Excellent for those who are just beginning

4. KeepVid

Are you looking to keep your most-loved YouTube videos on the internet and without watermarks? Check out KeepVid! This highly-rated Android application lets you download any video you’d like and not have to worry about annoying watermarks. If you’re looking to get your entertainment fix for an upcoming rainy day, or simply need some of your favorite videos at your fingertips, KeepVid is the perfect solution.


  • Get all YouTube video, with no watermarks!
  • Keep your favourite videos offline, and access them any time, anywhere.
  • You can easily keep the track of all your downloads from one central location
  • Convert videos quickly and easily into various formats

5. 9xBuddy

9xbuddy is a revolutionary app for Android which lets you download your most loved YouTube videos without watermarks! If you’d like to store the video on your device to view later, or send it to your acquaintances, 9xbuddy is the best solution. With just a few mouse clicks you can get any video stored on your device accessible anytime you like. Furthermore our technological innovation guarantees that your downloads are always of high-quality and free of unwanted ads.




  • Download your most loved YouTube videos with no watermark!
  • Save videos offline for watching later, or share with your friends.
  • High-quality downloads that are free of any annoying ads.
  • Easy and quick installation in just two clicks and you’re set to go!

6. y2mate

With y2mate you can download your favourite YouTube videos without watermarks. This app is great for those who enjoy viewing videos from YouTube but do not want to deal with watermarks. With y2mate, you are able to download YouTube videos with HD quality and select among a range of resolutions. It is also possible to download just the audio from the video to reduce the size of your device. The app y2mate is free available on the Google Play Store.


  • Download your most loved YouTube videos with no watermarks
  • Choose from a range of download speeds and resolutions.
  • Only download the audio from the video to reduce the space available on your phone
  • y2mate is available for free via the shopping mode Google Play Store

7. VidMate

Are you looking to download your most-loved YouTube videos without watermarks? VidMate is the perfect app for you! This app for Android allows you to save videos on YouTube quickly and conveniently, with no watermark. If you’re looking to save videos for offline viewing or just don’t want that annoying watermark on your video, VidMate will be your ideal choice. Select the video you’d like to download, pick the best quality and click download – that’s easy! In addition, with support for multiple downloads as well as background downloads, you can browse while your videos download. Do you really need to settle for less when VidMate offers everything you require for you to get your YouTube videos without watermark?


  • VidMate allows you to download YouTube videos swiftly and effortlessly without watermarks.
  • Select the best quality for you and click download The process is as easy as that!
  • Supports multiple downloads as well as background downloading.
  • Continue browsing even as your videos download.

8. Kiwi Browser

Are you looking for a way to download your favourite YouTube videos without watermark? Kiwi Browser has you covered! With our user-friendly app just look up the video you would like to download and click Save. That’s it! Now you can access your saved videos any time any time, from anywhere – even without internet access. What are you waiting for? Start downloading Kiwi Browser now and start downloading videos!


  • You can download your favourite videos, without watermarks
  • Watch videos offline from anywhere anytime
  • User-friendly app that is easy to use with a simple interface
  • Easy and quick downloads Just look up the video you’re looking for and then save!

9. ATube Catcher

Through ATube Catcher, you don’t need to be concerned about pesky watermarks appearing on your YouTube videos! The app for Android can download every YouTube video and lets you view videos offline or in the field. And, it’s completely free! Why put it off? Take advantage of ATube Catcher now and get rid of the annoying watermarks!


  • No more annoying watermarks!
  • Downloads easily any YouTube video
  • Watch videos offline, or on the move
  • Absolutely free!

10. Any Video Converter Free

Aren’t you annoyed when you’re trying to stream videos on your phone and it’s always waiting for buffers? When you finally do get it to load, only to find an image of a watermark splattered across the center of your screen? It’s awful.

Introduce Any Video Converter Free – the application that allows you to download YouTube videos without watermarks or irritating commercials. Don’t have to wait for videos to download and suffering through annoying advertisements. Pure, uninterrupted viewing enjoyment.

The best part is it’s Any Video Converter Free is available for both shoppingmode iPhone and Android devices, meaning you can take your YouTube videos along wherever you travel. When you’re riding the train or in the car or simply taking a break during work, you’ll be able to be enjoying your most loved YouTube videos.


  • You can download any video from YouTube free of commercials or watermarks
  • Watch videos and not wait in line for buffering
  • Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment
  • The simple and quick download process

Final Words

There are a few downloaders that are Android apps. Two of them work on PCs, and two can be downloaded online. YouTube downloaders. The remaining six are Android-based applications. From the many video downloaders that are available on the Google Play Store, these 10 are the most effective in not adding watermarks for your downloading. If you’re searching for an YouTube downloader that does not add any logos or branding to your videos These are the apps that you must consider trying.