Best practices that help to keep yourself away from ED 

erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is making men incapable of experiencing sexual satisfaction. Though the disease is a male disorder its effects can be seen in women’s life also. This is because the ultimate sexual pleasure is felt only when men and women collide mate together, though masturbation is also an option if you are single nothing can match the pleasure felt after sexual intercourse. 

Thus, when men become incapable with their penis women also have to bear the cost. The urge for sexual satisfaction is so strong that it leads the spouse or girlfriends to either break up or enter into physical relationships with other men. Hence, being a boyfriend or husband thrusts a lot of responsibility on you. One of the responsibilities is fulfilling the needs of your partner, it includes all types of demands such as buying a car or help her in experiencing orgasm. 

But today’s condition is such that males all over the world are suffering from ED. This has caused the stupendous increase in sales of ED pills like Kamagra Oral Jelly 100, or Vidalista 20 at Powpills. This is almost a health pandemic for men’s and it is high time that we acknowledge the problem instead of ignoring it. But being conscious and aware of your personal habits including the food you eat, your addictions, hours of sleep etc can also prevent ED. In this blog, we shall stress the steps that can keep ourselves many feet away from ED. 

First, understand ED

In simple words, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition where men become incapable of getting a hard penis. We all know that for sexual intercourse a hard penis is the basic requirement. Thus, in absence of a hard penis, men have to use external solutions like Fildena 100, Cenforce 100, or Vidalista 20 at Powpills to harden the penis. Talking about why ED occurs there is not one but multiple reasons. Smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, high stress levels, mental illness, insufficient sleep and others are some of the most common reasons.

But why does the penis become erect normally and not under these circumstances? The reason is the blood flow in the penis which gets affected due to such situations. Normally on sexual stimulation a magnum amount of blood fills the penis, leading to expansion of blood vessels which result in an erection. But when smoking and the above-listed circumstances occur, the blood which previously gushed in the blood vessels of the penis is not stopped. This makes the penis deficient in the blood resulting in an insufficient erection. This situation is referred to as ED. Now, here the most important factor is the blood supply which determines the erection of the penis. 

All the above-listed reasons tend to interfere with the blood supply of the penis. Thus, to prevent or cure ED the penis should receive an ample supply of blood during stimulation. The ED pills like Cenforce, Vidalista and Fildena also similarly cure ED by ensuring a heavy blood supply to the penis. 

Best practices to prevent ED

As earlier discussed, if we talk about keeping ourselves away from ED, we must focus on the blood flow in the penis. We should be cautious that none of our actions affects the blood supply in the penis. In some cases, we don’t do any such action but indirectly the blood supply is affected. But following some practices and measures can ensure a good supply of blood in the penile region to keep you away from ED.

Eating healthy 

One must understand the importance of food in our life, it is fuel on which our body runs. Frequently consuming junk foods and cold drinks result in the addition of bad cholesterol in the body. This cholesterol sticks on the opening of the arteries thus, acting as a barrier for the blood flowing in and out of the organs. Thus, the organs are deprived of blood making them work at a lower potential. Eating high fibrous foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole-grain boost the metabolism which ensures good blood supply all over the body. 

Keep your body moving

For a healthy life, it is necessary that your burn calories. Just eating and resting gains weight which becomes a sore for other functions of the body. Hence, indulge in physical activities which you like such as dancing, aerobics, your favourite sport, running etc. But do not go for intense workout sessions if you are not habituated to it. Go slow and go steady. Correct bad habits in your life, like taking stairs instead of elevators, using a bicycle instead of motorbikes and cars. 

Gain sexual education

Lack of sexual education has been the cause of rumours and mistreatments in case of sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction. Take proper consultation from doctors before consuming any ED pills because they can act lethally in some situations of which you are unaware. 

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