How to get real instagram followers

instagram followers

Many people are desperate to grow their accounts quickly through practices like buying followers. So before telling you how to get followers on instagram organically, we want to remind you that the most important thing is to form a community of real people, who interact with your brand, who recommend it, who establish an emotional connection with your company and of course that real purchases are reflected. These are all actions that a bot will never be able to carry out.

If you’re looking to build a real community organically, take notes on the following steps:

Optimize the profile: your instagram feed as a showcase

Think of your instagram feed like a store window. Items in a display case are strategically arranged to provide a better customer experience for products. Your ultimate goal is to attract, show, conquer, and sell.

In the same way, the instagram feed aims to attract potential customers and seduce them to the point that they end up clicking the follow button and even making their first purchase. For this reason it is very important that your instagram profile is optimized to the maximum:

  1. Your profile photo must be in high quality so that it can be seen clearly, and preferably for this space, your brand’s logo or an image that visually describes what your profile is about should be used.
  2. In the description of the biography, clearly indicate what users can find in the profile, what is the solution that your brand offers and the value that differentiates you from the rest. Do not use hashtags in this space as they can divert the user’s attention.
  3. Take advantage of the biography space to place a link to other channels, such as your website or whatsapp, so users can contact you easily and quickly.
  4. Use story highlights strategically to provide more information about your brand to users. Your story, behind the scenes, shipping information, locations, hours, brand values, etc. Remember to think of your feed as a showcase!
  5. Pin your top 3 posts to appear at the top of your feed.

Design an attractive feed

Each individual publication must be visually attractive, surely you already know this very well, but it is often forgotten that all the publications as a whole should also maintain a visual harmony, in order to attract and retain those who come to the profile for the first time.

There are many ways to organize your posts while maintaining a certain harmony and design, we even have a guide on the types of instagram feed that exist and that you can use for your profile. But keep in mind that regardless of the type of feed you choose, you must always maintain your color palette, your typographic family and a very well-defined visual style to stand out, generating brand recall and differentiation.

Don’t underestimate the power of descriptions

Although it is clear that Instagram is a visual platform and that people tend to consume more content in less time, the description of each post still plays a very important role. This space should be used to complement information, deliver much more value through publications, get closer to the audience and encourage interaction. Some recommendations to get the most out of the descriptions are:

  1. Add strategic phrases at the beginning of the description. It can be with a disturbing question, with a shocking phrase, with an introduction to the information that will later be broken down, or with an important piece of information.
  2. Add a call to action or question at the end, in this way the interaction with the public in said post is encouraged.
  3. Support yourself with emojis and hashtags to make it easier for your audience to read.

Authentic content that responds to what your community really needs

This is one of the most important points that responds to how to get followers on instagram. It is about sharing valuable content, and surely you have already heard it thousands of times, but you may be wondering, how to do it?

The first step in creating valuable content is, without a doubt, knowing your audience very well. When you really know your clients, you will know exactly what they need: their doubts, their fears, their desires, the situations with which they manage to identify, their way of entertaining themselves, etc. From the knowledge of this information is when you will be able to provide your community with all the answers they need through your content.

And the second step is to impregnate the personality and visual image of your brand to said information. Remember that the visual goes hand in hand with what is said on this platform. Both points are very important, so the ideal is to have a team that integrates a graphic designer, who will perfectly know how to make attractive designs for your audience, taking into account all the data and information that we mentioned above, and a community manager , who will generate coherent and valuable content, in addition to many other benefits for your brand on social networks.

Prioritize content in video format

It’s no secret to anyone that Instagram is turning its attention to its latest format: REELS.

The stats back it up, and even just browsing the platform, you can quickly tell that the reach of videos and their exposure is now much greater than that of photos. This does not mean that you should no longer create photos, but there is no doubt that content in video format such as reels and stories should be prioritized.

Constancy is key 

It’s not about publishing for publishing’s sake. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that to succeed on Instagram you need to post every day, because as you may have heard, on this platform quality prevails over quantity. However, it is important to maintain consistency and be able to be present in the mind of your audience.

A great strategy to achieve consistency is to rely on a chronopost. It is a tool to organize your content, objectives, dates and times in one place. This way you can have greater order, control and consistency when posting on Instagram.

Interact with your community 

It is important that all efforts are worthwhile. You have already optimized your profile, designed an attractive feed, share valuable content and are constant with its publication. As a result of this great work, your community begins to interact with your brand, but their comments are not answered and their messages are seen. Unfortunately, this is the story of many companies that manage to successfully carry out each step, but they forget one of the most important things, which is to finally establish assertive communication with their audience.

This is one of the most important and most careful actions to take when getting followers and starting to grow a community on Instagram: when communicating through comments and messages with users, it is necessary to maintain the communicative tone of the brand, their values, their personality and their language. And for no reason should messages and comments remain unanswered, since this does not reflect professionalism, trust, or closeness, and it also implies that the community is not important. Remember that not responding is also a message.

Getting real instagram followers is possible by following these steps. As you can see, it is not necessary to do practices such as buying followers to achieve this, even this can considerably affect the reach of your account, in addition to damaging your reputation.

We know that carrying out all these steps can be a very big challenge for you due to lack of time and/or knowledge. A great solution is to hire a digital marketing agency , which has a specialized team on the subject, which will help you to effectively carry out each step and will achieve real followers for your company, forming a large community.

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