5 Types of Videos that Get the Most Views in Dallas in 2022


Videos are some of the most engaging forms of content you can use to succeed in your digital marketing efforts. And because of this, its use is expected to rise in the coming year. So, if you want to get ahead in terms of SEO in Dallas, you need to step up and make sure your videos are what people want to see and finish watching. So, what kind of videos are the trend in Dallas today? 

There is no doubt how businesses in Dallas and elsewhere can achieve instant fame with a single viral video. Such videos can rack up millions of views and bring in a staggering number of customers to your business, just like the viral video of a nacho tower in a Dallas bar. The TikTok video turned more than 6.5 million pairs of eyes to the restaurant.

So, you’d want that kind of attention on your business. And you can get it with the right type of video. As such, here are some things you’d want to know about the most popular types of video content in 2022:

. Facebook Stories

If you want to increase brand awareness and have more Dallasite followers on your Facebook account, creating the stories is how you do it. So, FB Stories are short videos created by the user,  which are available to viewers for 24 hours.

With stories strategically placed at the top of the Facebook app, users can instantly see them and catch attention. Moreover, stories are highly interactive and offer eye-catching effects that engage viewers. Meanwhile, Facebook stories have more than 500 million active users today. And because of its success, it is growing 15 times faster than other content-sharing platforms. Hence, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

. Live Videos

If there’s one thing that can prove your authority over a subject, it’s live videos. Being in a video that showcases your knowledge and expertise about a particular matter gives people the confidence to believe in your brand. And with viewers being able to interact and ask questions only reinforces it.

On a different note, live videos create a sense of urgency, allowing you to have a large gathering, thereby increasing your chances of generating more significant revenue. And remember Jennifer Brett’s live video of people in Dallas lining up to hug police officers? It garnered 38 million views in 2016!

. Personalized Videos

It would be great to watch a video that talks directly to you and mentions your name, right? So, like a personal email, personalized videos are customized, including the viewer’s name, and go as far as showing their faces. And this tactic is an excellent way of engaging the viewer and motivating them to share your content.

. Vlogs

Vlogs are a fantastic strategy for SEO in Dallas; 44% of internet users are watching vlogs every month. Thus, creating a vlog for your brand or having an influencer feature your products or services is one of the most effective ways of drawing a flock to your page.

. Explainer Videos

Videos that focus on your brand’s products or services are now some of the most popular videos on the web. After all, it is an effective way of showing what you have to offer. And people like it because they can see the product as it is and understand its features better than just reading about it.

Videos have the power to reach new audiences in and out of Dallas and increase your sales. And by 2022, it is expected that videos will make up 82% of internet traffic. So, what’s stopping you from investing in videos and creating the right content to show your market?

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