How to keep your website SEO friendly


Creating and designing a professional-looking website is not enough for receiving a high amount of traffic or increasing the customer base. In order to increase traffic, it is important to complete the requirements properly. Search engine optimization is also popular as it is basically the technique that is used by websites to improve their visibility and ranking in the search engines. It is an incredible part of the online presence of every website. If the SEO has been done correctly, then the chances of deriving more traffic and improving the search engine ranking automatically. If you are willing that people or users find your website, then it is necessary for you to use the right strategies. Usually, people think that SEO is all about you putting the content, but this is not right. It is necessary for business owners to ensure that the SEO is done in the article, blog, or copy on their sites. Apart from this, if the blogs or the written content is not SEO friendly, then also they fail to attract the right traffic. Considering all the factors related to your side, here in this article, we are going to provide you some of the best tricks that you can take into consideration for making your website SEO friendly. So, let’s get started.

Blend Social Media into the Website Design Scheme

Search engines always give write value to social media as do your prospective customers. If you incorporate the social media elements in the design of your website, then it will definitely help you in getting a better rank in SERP. While designing your website, you must ensure that you are using social media icons like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others. The factor will not only help your website to rank but also make your customer feels more personable with your site.

Must use the SEO for images also 

Usually, it happens that people only try to optimize the text given on the website, and they forget about the images that they have uploaded. However, images also play an important role and help in increasing the rank of your site in the SERP. While selecting the images for your website, it is important for you to determine that the size of the image is not too large. Ideally, the images uploaded on your site must be having a size between 30 KB to 100kb. And also, the resolution of the image must be 72 dpi. If the size of the image uploaded on your site is too big, then it will affect the loading speed, and also the rank of the website will get negatively affected. Always try to use a keyword in the alt text section of the image. It will help in the SEO of a website.

Use JavaScript sparingly

Usually, the website owners make a mistake about using JavaScript for the whole design of their website. The search engines always scroll through the websites index them and their ranking to be shown on the search engine result page. If your site features a great deal of JavaScript, then it will become difficult for the search engines to read the content available, and it will also lead to crawling issues. Apart from this, JavaScript does not work specifically amazing on mobile devices. It is important for you to make the context easier for the search engines so that they can read your website and provide you the right rank in SERP.

Try to use a user-friendly URL

It is important for the URL of your website to be SEO friendly; otherwise, it will not be able to get the right rank in SERP. Suppose you choose a long URL having spaces and special characters in between, then it will not be considered SEO-friendly. The search engines will not be able to determine that what exactly your page is about. Instead of using such and equals words, try to keep the URL simple and easy to understand. Also, you should always try to limit the categories given in the link.

Place the keywords in different positions

There are many people who usually try to use the keywords in their copy but avoid other areas. The keywords to be used in the copies are not only enough if there or not available at the other parts of your website. The keywords must be incorporated into the design of your website. As we have stated above, those keywords also play an important role in optimizing the images also has there are several other areas available where you can use them. Try to use that keyword in the Title Tags, H1 Tags, Meta Descriptions, Navigations, Website Slogans, Meta Keywords, Title Attributes, H2 Tags, Bullet Points, Breadcrumb Trails, Footer Links, URL, H3 Tags, Filename, Internal Links, and others like the Folder Names.

Your design must always be accessible

In case your website is not completely accessible, then it will definitely affect the conversion rate, and also the ranking of your website will get affected by diversity. It is important that your website must be viewable by all the browsers, and if it does not happen, then the chances of increasing the bounce rate will enhance. Apart from this, the loading speed of your site must also be amazing. In case it is difficult to navigate, or the loading speed is slow, then also the rank of your site will get affected negatively. 


With the help of the above-given guidelines, you can easily create a good SEO strategy that will help in enhancing the rank of your site in SEO. You can also hire SEO professionals as they have expertise in this task.

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