How To Open A Free Skype Account With Simple Steps

Skype Account

Whether you have a computer, a PC, an Android phone or an Apple or Android Smartphone, with this information that we provide you, you will have no problem getting started in the program that has millions of people who always use it. Let’s now look at the most important things to keep in mind when registering and starting to use Skype account. Don’t lose the details, it’s worth it!

To be able to receive and make both national and international voice calls, without a doubt the best tool of the moment is Skype, millions of people around the world use this app every day to exchange information through chat, send photos and images , share videos with your family and acquaintances, the best thing is that you can make video calls from anywhere in the world .

If you are interested in using this service, do not hesitate to open a free Skype account and start using the tool. Let’s see what to do

1- Download and install Skype

 For Computers

  1. If you want to start using Skype, you have to download it to install it. If you are using a PC, Mac or Windows, you must access the Skype website by adding the URL in your preferred browser.
  2. After you are inside, you must click where it says Get Skype . Then the Windows Store , the Microsoft store, will open so that you can continue downloading and installing this software.
  3. In the new window, simply click on ” Get ” and the download will start and the installation will continue automatically.

 For Android and iOS phones

If you use a mobile phone, you have to go to the store (App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android), write the name ” Skype ” in the search bar and select the first result that appears. After you are inside, press ” Install ” so that the application is installed automatically on the mobile phone. open a Skype account 2- Start the application

Since you have downloaded the official program, you must continue with the following. After installing it on your computer or mobile device, launch the Skype application. When it is open, just click on the ” Create Account ” option to start the user registration. The following steps are very similar for both the mobile and the computer.

3- Enter your phone or email address

The first thing you should do in the registration process is to enter your mobile phone number. You can do this and click ” Next ” to continue, or select the option ” Use your email address instead .”

If you select this last option, you will be asked to enter your email account and password so that you can connect at any time. If you don’t have an email address, you can request one by clicking ” Get a new email address ” just below.

4- Add the details

After entering either of the two options offered above, you will have to add a couple more details to complete your identity statement. First, write your first name, and second, your last name. Once done, click the ” Next ” button .

Well, now you are going to be asked to enter both the country you live in and your date of birth. Fill in the available parameters again and click ” Next ” again.

5- Confirm your account

After following the steps above, the Skype team will send you an email to your inbox if you decide to continue your registration with your email, or a message with a code to your mobile phone if you decide to use your number to register.

  1. In the first case, go to your email address, open the message you just received and copy the code that arrived, to be able to enter it in the Skype window. After you’ve done this, click ” Next .” If you do not see the email, look in your spam tray, sometimes emails of this type arrive there.
  2. Now, in the second case, take the code that they have sent you and enter it in the box included for it in Skype. Once written, click ” Next “.

6 – Complete the process

Now you will see an image with a set of letters and numbers that you must write in the space provided for it. It is very important to respect the use of uppercase and lowercase letters. Do so and click ” Next ” to proceed to the next step.

7- Registered account!

This is the last thing when you try to open a Skype account and you have officially completed the process of creating a Skype account. The app will now ask you to choose the type of theme you want, to set your profile photo, to test the audio settings to make sure that the microphone and speakers are in good condition and, finally, the camera for the video calls. The basic setup, as well as what you need to make sure it works properly.

Follow these steps and, in addition to having your account up and running, you are ready to start adding friends and contacts so that you can communicate with them using this powerful and simple messaging tool.

The web version of Skype

In addition to being able to use Skype by downloading its official software on your computer and using the app for Android and iOS mobile devices or tablets, it gives you another way to use all its features from https: // you can access the web version Skype and chat or call directly from our favorite web browser without having to download any program or app. Do not forget that your access data will always be the same on all your devices.

How do I sign up for a business account on Skype?

Skype, in addition to having an account for the home user, also has a professional aspect designed for employees to use a series of special features prepared for a more demanding environment.

This includes the ability to record corporate meetings with up to 250 users sharing Office suite applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, or PowerPoint. Also, it is compatible with any device and all this happens in real time. Its name is Skype for Business , and you must have Office 365 to use it .

The point is to buy Office 365 if you don’t have it. Through the Microsoft website, you can access this feature-rich product, as well as many other products that the company makes available to consumers.

  1. If you have already purchased it, you must enter Office 365 through the web portal must have a Microsoft account already created) and there enter the ” Settings ” menu available at the top of the page. Now go to ” Office 365 Settings ” then ” Software ” and then ” Skype for Business “.
  2. While there, select the language that suits you best, in this case Spanish and the version compatible with your operating system (32 or 64 bits), and click “Install”.
  3. The download of the installation program will start immediately, and once it is complete, proceed to install Skype for Business by running this download on your computer.
  4. The installation process is quick and done automatically . Thus, once completed, the user only has to run the tool and enter both their account and the Office 365 key that has been linked. Once this is done, you can start using the ” business ” version of Skype.

Frequently asked questions about creating and setting up a Skype account

Since you know how to open a Skype account on all the platforms in which this fantastic app can be used, now we have to see how you can configure it so that it works correctly and without errors, there are also some elements that tend to be repeated in the new ones people taking their first steps on Skype.

How do I recover my Skype password?

  1. If you don’t remember your Skype password, the first thing you have to do is log into the application and add the user account you want to access. Write it in the specified section and click ” Next “.
  2. Well, in the section that asks for the password, click where it says ” I have forgotten my password “.
  3. Then Microsoft will ask you why you can’t log in. Choose the option that corresponds to your situation and click where it says ” Next “.
  4. You will be asked to enter an alphanumeric string that appears in the image. You must do it.
  5. They will then ask you to send the security code to the email account you linked, or to a designated phone number. Select the one you prefer and, once accepted, write a password that will be sent to the selected place.
  6. You must reset the password by entering the new one you intend to use from now on twice. Remember that you should not give it to anyone and that it is not good for you to forget it. This completes the process.

How to make a video call?

To make a video call with any user that you have added to your contacts, the first thing you have to do is log into Skype and select the person you want to talk to by clicking on their name in your contact list.

While in the chat recording window that opens, click on the camera icon at the top right of the Skype video call camera icon. Then Skype will contact the other person to indicate that you are trying to make a video call, and when they accept, the conversation will begin and you will be able to see it live.

If you can’t hear anything at first, you need to make sure you have the app volume turned on, or if that fails, then your computer’s sound is on. To end the call, press the ” End call ” button. So you can hang up and end the video call.

How do I close my Skype account?

To close your Skype account, you need to close your Microsoft account. To do this, the first thing you have to do is enter it through your web browser, accessing the URL Once there, enter your email address and access code to access the main menu.

  1. The option where you close the account is hidden algae . First you must enter the ” Security ” section and then click on ” Advanced security options “.
  2. In the long list that comes out later, you must go as low as possible until you find the option ” Close my account “. Click there.
  3. Click ” Next ” once. In the next window, check all the boxes so that you can express your agreement and understanding, and select a reason from the drop-down menu. Click on ” Mark account for closure .”
  4. You will get the date on which your account will be closed. In the meantime, you have time to change your mind and register again by opening and completing the form.

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