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It’s no secret that Instagram intervened in the 2016 US election. Because of this, the company made several changes to its ad policies. The aim is to create more transparency in advertisements on social issues, politics, and elections.

Also, Instagram wants users to be able to continue to run their ads. However, it is known that not all advertisements that could influence an election are directly related to a candidate or the vote. Rather, some ads may be what Instagram calls “social issues”. For example, highly debated and sensitive topics such as social and civil rights, immigration, and the environment.

Instagram made changes to ads related to social issues

To help people with this new policy change, Instagramas released some helpful tips to guide the people who want to engage with social issues through Instagram ads. The company also added some resources regarding the upcoming embargo on ads related to social issues, politics, and elections. is one of the best company which help peoples with this new policy changes.

What can you consider a social issue ad?

Social affairs ads play an important role in elections and society. For this reason, Instagram needs increased authenticity and transparency to be able to display such ads. Additionally, the company believes that discussing social issues can affect the way people think, act, or vote. As a result, this can have an impact on outcomes such as laws or elections.

The guidelines of the social media platform reflect the  hpublic discourse that revolves around social issues both on and off Instagram and parent company Facebook. This public discourse aims to influence public opinion through debate, discussion, and advocacy.

Many examples of social issues are ads that discuss, discuss, or advocate social issues. The most popular are immigration reform, the Black Lives Matter movement, climate change activism, and health care reform.
Additionally, people who want to show ads for social issues must first complete an ad authorization process. You should also include a “Paid for” disclaimer for these ads. This allows people to see who is responsible for the ad they are viewing.

Upcoming advertising limitation period

Not that long ago, social media giant Facebook will be banning new ads on social issues, politics, or elections in the last week of the campaign. This started on October 27th and ended on November 3rd. However, there may be cases where there may not be enough time in the remaining days to address new claims.
Also, advertisements can be placed until election day. But they must run before October 27th before doing this. These ads stay in the ad library for a week. There they can be discussed and discussed openly.

Instagram made changes to ads related to social issues

After the polls are completed on November 3, the company will temporarily cease serving US social issues, political and election ads. The reason is that Instagram wants to reduce the chances of confusion or abuse. The ads that are temporarily suspended include those that may have appeared in the last week of the campaign. Additionally, Buying Instagram Followers for Growth Campaigns will notify advertisers when this policy is overridden.

Also, restrictions on social issues in the US, as well as political and election advertising, apply both before and after the elections on both Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram removed the “Recently Used” tab from the hashtag pages before voting

Four days before US presidential election day, Instagram also cracked down on hashtags in line with its new guidelines for social ads. According to the company, the Recently Used tab on hashtag pages would be temporarily removed. This move aims to stop the spread of harmful content related to the elections. When a user searches for a hashtag on the platform, they originally choose either the top posts or the newest.

However, with this temporary change, users will only be able to view the top hashtags.

Both Instagram and Facebook have taken a step against election-related misinformation
Instagram and Facebook, the parent company, took steps to prevent misinformation on various platforms before and during the presidential election. Earlier this month, the company announced that it had removed 120,000 posts on Facebook and Instagram. The reason for this is that these posts violated the guidelines on electoral interference. Also, the company added 150 million posts of warnings that were debunked by its fact-checkers. It also rejected 2.2 million ad submissions for targeting the US but did not complete the authorization process.

The social media giant also stressed that it will ban ads that falsely claim victory in the US presidential election. Instagram followers will also reject ads from the campaigns of President Donald Trump and his opponent, Democratic candidate Joe Biden if either of them claims a victory ahead of time.

Instagram made changes to ads related to social issues

This all goes hand in hand with Facebook’s efforts to ban social-themed ads a week before the election. As mentioned earlier, the social media giant also stopped accepting US political ads on Instagram indefinitely after the election. This avoids the confusion and chaos that can create potential misinformation and premature announcements about election results.

The snack

Facebook and Instagram are currently two of the largest social media platforms. Every day billions of people access these apps and share various information, making them more prone to fake news. For this reason, the platforms are constantly updating their guidelines.

There is no doubt that Instagram and Facebook are trying to prevent misinformation on their platforms. Followers on Instagram have taken the steps above to make sure Election Day and the days after it remained peaceful. Also, Facebook, which owns Instagram, wants to make sure people don’t get confused by the misinformation that social-themed ads can bring.

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